Destiny Lovers Manga Ends, New Sequel Manga Starts

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2020)

The official Twitter account for Magazine Pocket, the official free manga app for Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine, announced last week that Kazutaka and Tomohiro Kai would launch a new sequel manga for their Destiny Lovers (Desu-Raba) manga also titled Destiny Lovers. The new manga launched on Saturday. The previous manga will still have an eighth compiled book volume from Kodansha, but the new manga will restart the volume numbering with the new title. Kai stated on Twitter that the original manga’s 104th chapter published on Saturday was the final chapter.

Destiny Lovers Manga Ends, New Sequel Manga Starts
Image Source – Animenewsnetwork.com

The previous manga is styled simply as Desu-Raba in katakana in Japanese, but is titled Destiny Lovers in Seven Seas Entertainment’s Ghost Ship imprint English release. The new manga is styled differently in Japanese, written as Destiny Lovers in katakana in Japanese, now similar to the Ghost Ship English release.

Ghost Ship describes the previous manga:

Long ago, Fujishiro Kosuke promised his love to his childhood friend, Sayaka-chan. But his pledge to save his first sexual experience for her takes a shocking turn when he’s suddenly abducted and thrown into a secret prison–run by beautiful, terrifying women in fetish gear. His seductive kidnappers claim to have a higher purpose but are after one thing: Kosuke’s virginity, and they’re willing to employ every kink at their disposal. Who are these women, and why are they trying to break Kosuke’s promise to Sayaka-chan? In this darkly erotic thriller about fear and desire, one man is about to face a sexual gauntlet like no other.

Kazutaka and Tomohiro launched the previous manga in Magazine Pocket in February 2018. Kodansha published the manga’s seventh compiled book volume on March 6, and Ghost Ship published the second volume in English on February 25.

Sources – Animenewsnetwork.com Magazine Pocket’s Twitter account, Tomohiro Kai’s Twitter account (link 2link 3)


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