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Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine Enters Top 100 Highest-Grossing Films in Japan

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

The latest movie in the long-running Detective Conan/Case Closed franchise, “Black Iron Submarine,” has made a splash at the Japanese box office, entering the all-time top 100 highest-grossing films in 86th place. This achievement marks the fifth time a film from the franchise has earned a spot on the prestigious list.

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Since its release on April 16th, “Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine” has already brought in an impressive 7.73 billion yen (US$56.22 million) in box office revenue, selling 5.37 million tickets in the process. This success surpasses the franchise’s previous film, “Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet,” which premiered during the COVID-19 pandemic and is expected to be the first Detective Conan film to earn over 10 billion yen.

Although the franchise has come close to the 10 billion yen milestone before, with “Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween” earning 9.78 billion yen (US$74.45 million) during its entire run in 2022, “Black Iron Submarine” is on track to surpass this record and become the highest-grossing Detective Conan film yet.

Fans of the franchise, which follows the adventures of teenage detective Shinichi Kudo as he solves crimes and navigates relationships, will no doubt be thrilled with this latest achievement. With a dedicated fanbase and a string of successful movies, it seems that the Detective Conan franchise is set to keep delighting audiences for years to come.


Source – Kogyo Tsushin

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