(Last Updated On: June 8, 2023)

The much-anticipated sequel to the popular anime series “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!!” has released new details, including additional cast members, theme songs, and a premiere date. The second promotional video for the series, which is now available on the official website, reveals that the anime will debut on July 13.

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The new cast members joining the series are Tomokazu Sugita as Farfarello, Megumi Han as Erone, and Chikahiro Kobayashi as Camael. Madoka Asahina will also be part of the cast, playing the character Acieth Alla.

The opening theme song, “Hikari no Nai Machi” (A City Without Lights), is performed by nano.RIPE, while the ending theme song, “bloomin'”, is sung by Liyuu.

The sequel will air on the TOKYO MX and BS11 channels at 11:30 p.m. (10:30 a.m. EDT) and will also be exclusively streamed in Japan on Disney+ Star at the same time. The anime will later be broadcasted on the MBS and AT-X channels.

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Despite being referred to as a “2nd season,” this term only applies to “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!!” series (with two exclamation points) and not the first “The Devil is a Part-Timer!” anime series, which only has one exclamation point. This upcoming series will be the third overall television anime season for the franchise.

The original “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!!” series premiered in July 2022 and was streamed in Japan exclusively on Disney+ on the same day as the broadcast premiere. The series was also available on Crunchyroll as it aired in Japan.

The story of “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!!” revolves around the Devil King and his general who, after being defeated by the hero Emilia, retreat to a parallel universe and end up in modern-day Tokyo. Lacking the magic to return home, they assume human identities and live average human lives until they can find a better solution. To make ends meet, Satan finds employment at a nearby fast food joint, aiming to work his way up the management food chain.


Source – Official Website Via Comic Natalie

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