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Does Dazai die in the Bungo Stray Dogs Manga? Everything You Need to Know!

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2023)

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 10 left fans in a state of shock and anticipation. As the Armed Detective Agency grappled with the impending catastrophe triggered by Fukuchi’s activation of One Order, the fate of Osamu Dazai hung in the balance, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Episode 10 witnessed a heart-pounding moment as Dazai and Sigma fought against the odds to survive a plummeting elevator. Dazai’s selfless act of pushing Sigma to safety resulted in a life-altering fracture to his own leg. However, the stakes escalated dramatically when Chuuya arrived, delivering a shot to Dazai’s head that left fans in disbelief.

Does Dazai die in the Bungo Stray Dogs manga? Everything You Need to Know!

Does Dazai die in the Bungo Stray Dogs manga?

Indeed, in the Bungo Stray Dogs manga, Osamu Dazai meets his demise. After the conclusion of Season 5, Episode 10, fans were naturally curious, scouring for manga spoilers to ascertain whether Dazai’s passing was final or if there might be a chance for his return in future storylines.

For avid manga enthusiasts, the fate of Osamu Dazai remains a burning question. Regrettably, the anime has now caught up with the manga series, leaving fans in suspense about Dazai’s condition. The manga portrays Dazai being shot in the head, after which he plunges into uncertainty. With the next manga chapter slated for release later in October, the upcoming Season 5 finale holds the key to resolving this gripping cliffhanger.

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With Season 5 Episode 11 looming, fans are eagerly awaiting a resolution to the Vampire Infection Outbreak Arc. Hopes are high for a heroic intervention from a member of the Armed Detective Agency or one of their allies to thwart Fukuchi’s cataclysmic plans. However, the global scale of the threat raises doubts about the agency’s ability to single-handedly avert a worldwide catastrophe.

As the agency confronts this dire situation, Aya’s strategic acumen may play a pivotal role. The prospect of extracting the sword from Bram offers a glimmer of hope, and Aya might devise a daring plan to bring an end to Fukuchi’s reign of terror. Yet, with time dwindling, Aya may face an agonizing decision, potentially involving a sacrificial act.

Sigma’s discovery of a cryptic message in Russian, bearing the words “Help Me,” hints at a connection to the enigmatic page. This revelation suggests that Sigma could hold the key to saving the world, an unexpected twist that adds a layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative.



As the Bungo Stray Dogs saga hurtles toward its season finale, fans are bracing for an emotional rollercoaster ride. The fate of Osamu Dazai, the agency’s desperate struggle against time, and the potential for unexpected heroes make this a pivotal moment in the series’ history. With hearts pounding and anticipation at its peak, viewers can only wait with bated breath for the answers that Season 5 Episode 11 will undoubtedly bring.

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