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Dr. Stone – Anime Review

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2020)

Hello and welcome everyone to . Today , we are gonna talk about ‘humanity’ , about ‘evolution’ , we are gonna talk about ‘science and its inventions’. Today we are gonna discuss Dr. Stone.


Dr. Stone Anime Review
Dr. Stone Anime/Manga

What are you gonna do , if you wake up one day to find that all of humanity has turned to stone and you seem to be the only survivor left ? Moreover , what’s worse is that its been 3,700 years and a very little of humanity technology exists amidst the thick vegetation around the world . Senku is the protagonist, who finds himself in a similar position however , unlike us he has all the knowledge he needs . Senku decides to bring back those advancements with the power of science and sets out on this exhilarating journey.

Different Perspectives

This show can be explored from two basic perspectives first being the scientific perspective and second being the moral perspective .

Scientific Perspective

Senku , from his childhood, has always been interested in science. He learned and tried everything , from hypotheses to experiments , which lead to the present day Senku who has a knowledge of almost everything scientific. We get to explore various devices and aspects that we need for better survival through Senku’s scientific knowledge and the guide of ‘Mecha Senku’ . This anime shows us the greatness of science and makes us appreciate the every appliances we use . Science is everywhere and Dr. Stone perfectly points that out to us. What’s even better is that it they literally tell us how to make these devices in steps and these steps are pretty accurate as proved by the reaction of numerous scientists on YouTube.

Moral Perspective

With the absence of a large population , although we face danger from natural predators , we are still safe from danger of our own kind . When the whole humanity is petrified , any human we find is our friend . Tsukasa , after being revived by Senku. , stars killing many adults as he is afraid that they will demand the land and resources they ‘paid’ for 3,700 years ago. Although killing is an extreme expression. ,this really makes us think. ,what’s right and what’s wrong. In the present day world , Corona has trapped us in home and nature is flourishing. ,just like in Dr. Stone , however , unlike the anime we have greedy politicians and stupid extremists , who are destroying humanity for the worse . Would we really want them back if they are petrified ? That’s the great philosophical question Dr. Stone poses . What do you think ?


Regardless of all the other aspects , this show excels in its comedic timing . It even feels as a gag anime sometimes. ,however it always tries to make as much scientific sense as possible.

Senku’s Character :- Its definitely inspired by great scientific minds and highlights the basics of being a scientist , which is to keep forming hypotheses and experimenting.

Who Is This Show For ?

Anyone can watch this show and I am sure everyone will have something to learn. ,because even if you’re a specialist no human is known to have all the scientific knowledge of 2 million years of evolution like Senku. It is worth mentioning that in many instances , Senku goes on ranting about many scientific principles or how certain stuff is made . If you’re not into science , this might bore you out , however , its balanced by other instances of comedy and action.

That’s pretty much it for season 1 . The wait for season 2 continues , with the teaser out . See you next time , until then,” Keep experimenting!!!!”.

Where to Watch Dr. Stone ?

Where to Watch Dr. Stone ?

Dr. Stone is available on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Netflix. In Netflix in Japan region only. In India it not available on any streaming service so you will have to use a VPN. I personally use Crunchyroll.


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