Dr. Stone: New World Anime’s 2nd Part on Oct 12th & Theme Song Artist

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2023)

During a livestream event for “Dr. Stone: New World,” the highly anticipated third season of the Dr. Stone anime, a captivating new video was unveiled this Saturday, offering a glimpse into the upcoming second quarter of the season. Mark your calendars, as the second part is set to premiere on October 12.

Notably, the event also took the wraps off the artists behind the anime’s theme songs. The opening theme, “Haruka” (translating to “Far Away”), will be brought to life by Ryūjin Kiyoshi, while the ending theme, “Suki ni Shinayo” (meaning “Suit Yourself”), will be skillfully performed by Anly.

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For those keeping track, the anime’s first quarter aired from April 6, culminating with its 11th episode. Crunchyroll played host to the Japanese broadcast as well as an English-dubbed version. The series also found its way onto Adult Swim’s Toonami programming on June 3.

In an exciting casting addition, Maaya Sakamoto joined the ensemble as Francois. Crunchyroll succinctly outlines the narrative direction of the new series:

Dr. Stone: New World Anime

“Following the conclusion of the Stone Wars, the prodigious minds from Tsukasa’s Empire of Might have united with the Kingdom of Science. Their shared mission? Construct a seaworthy vessel, embarking on an expedition across the open ocean in pursuit of answers concerning the enigmatic global petrification event. But before they can embark, Senku and his comrades must first secure vital resources and push the boundaries of scientific progress to craft the ideal ship.”

To rewind a bit, the inaugural TV anime premiered in July 2019, with Crunchyroll taking charge of global streaming alongside Funimation’s English-dubbed version. Toonami audiences were treated to the show’s debut in August 2019.

Subsequently, “Dr. Stone: Stone Wars,” the show’s second season, made its debut in January 2021. Crunchyroll catered to international viewership, excluding Asia, while Funimation brought forth the English-dubbed edition. Toonami viewers got their chance to delve into the series in May 2021.

Additionally, a special one-hour anime, “Dr. Stone: Ryusui,” graced the screens in July 2022.

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The creative duo of Boichi (acclaimed for “Sun-Ken Rock”) and Riichirou Inagaki (renowned for “Eyeshield 21”) set the manga journey in motion in March 2017 within the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga concluded its epic tale in March 2022, spanning 26 volumes. Readers can enjoy the manga digitally and in print, thanks to Viz Media’s efforts, while MANGA Plus also digitally publishes the English version.


Source | Dr. Stone: New World livestream

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