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Dragon Ball Teams Up with Dr.Gray-man Creator for 40th Anniversary Project

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2023)

Celebrated manga artist Katsura Hoshino, renowned for her work on the popular manga series D.Gray-man, is set to take part in the Dragon Ball Super Gallery project. This initiative, marking the 40th anniversary of the iconic Dragon Ball franchise, invites artists from across the globe to reimagine classic Dragon Ball covers.

Hoshino’s reputation precedes her, thanks to her exceptional storytelling and intricate artwork in D.Gray-man. Her manga series has garnered widespread acclaim, particularly for its finely detailed illustrations and gripping action sequences.

While the specific Dragon Ball cover that Hoshino will redesign remains a mystery, fans eagerly anticipate her unique artistic interpretation, scheduled for release next month.

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The most recent contribution to the Dragon Ball Super Gallery project hailed from Shuichi Aso, the mastermind behind The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Aso lent his creative prowess to the redesign of the 37th volume cover of the Dragon Ball manga, demonstrating the project’s capacity to draw upon diverse talents within the manga industry.

As Dragon Ball enthusiasts around the world await Hoshino’s forthcoming contribution, the Dragon Ball Super Gallery project continues to pay homage to the franchise’s enduring legacy, inviting fans and artists alike to celebrate four decades of adventure, battles, and unforgettable characters.


Source: IGN India

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