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Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes List | How Anime differs from Manga?

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Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime ever released. Just like its anime series, Dragon Ball Z Mangas are also very popular among their fans. Dragon Ball Z series started in 1989 and it continued till 1996.

Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes List | How Anime differs from Manga?
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The Dragon Ball Z  dubbed is available in almost all popular languages and this is a proof of its popularity. They announced many special releases after the boom of Dragon Ball Z and since then, they published 17 Dragon Ball Z movies and over 148 video games playable on different consoles. 

There were 291 episodes released of Dragon Ball Z in all these years but surprisingly 42 of these episodes were counted as fillers. However, this 14% ratio of filler episodes is considered as normal but manga lovers still want to enjoy each and every scene. You should also Check

Let’s first understand the concept of filler episodes or scenes and what they actually are:

What are filler scenes?

Filler scenes are all those additional clips or episodes in Dragon Ball Z anime that were not present in Dragon Ball Manga. The manga readers usually have missed these additional episodes while reading Dragon Ball manga, these extra scenes are called fillers. Dragon Ball Z manga and anime series were created and produced in accordance with each other but still there are 42 fillers left in anime series. 

What is the purpose of fillers in Dragon Ball Z?

Fillers do not affect the actual story line but they help to present the whole story in a more creative manner. Same happened with Dragon Ball Z, where the creators added filler scenes that were not present in manga and people actually enjoyed it. 

Many anime series creators also add fillers to increase the number of episodes and length of their overall anime. An anime named “Bleach” had around 166 filler episodes, making it the number one season with the largest number of filler episodes. 

Difference Between Canon and Fillers

It is very important to clear the meanings of canon and fillers in the anime world. Let’s have a look at their definitions and differences:

Fillers are just added to enhance the overall story of an anime. However, it doesn’t affect the story line. If anime changes the story line in their series but not in manga then those scenes or episodes will be called canon. 
Fillers are mostly skippable and you can understand the whole story without watching these episodes. Canons are a part of anime story. They are not present in Manga but they are an original part of the anime series and you should watch them to understand the story.

Let’s have a look at the Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes list. These episodes are still worthy for real Dragon Ball fans but still if you want to skip these episodes for some reason then you can skip them without disturbing your story line. 


Filler Episodes List

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