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Dragon Hindi X, Be Otaku – Which Anituber Is Next?

Recently Dragon Ball Hindi X channel got terminated and now it’s Be Otaku. Before them, there were multiple others creators as well whose channel got terminated including our old channel as well. About we have embedded a video from Kreative Ladka youtube channel explaining each and every aspect of the content creator’s problems.

To this date, many of our articles are timely taken down by big companies despite the fact that all images and information used are fair use. This ultimately helps them to create hype and maintain popularity among fans. One key reason is that as content creators we are very small and in countries like India we don’t have a big anime/manga audience. We as creators do not have much-negotiating power to deal with these giant entertainment companies.

The YouTube copyright system is flawed as many exploit it for giving fake copyright strikes and many use it to give unnecessary strikes to creators that are using the content under fair use. If you are a content creator please read this medium blog by Sugoi Media. It will help you to avoid copyright strikes. God knows which anime content creator is next!!

We as fellow content creators feel bad when any of this happens. This is a message to the supporting audience that try to follow your favorite content creators on all other social media as well. Because who knows your favorite youtube channel disappears the next day.


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