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Drifting Home Film Unveils Music Video, New Visual

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2022)

It is the theme song of the movie ” Hyuryu Danchi that tells the rain “, Zutto Midonaka Iinoni. A music video for “It looks like it’s going to disappear” has been released on YouTube. “I’m about to disappear” is a newly written song for “Ame wo Kyouru Drifting Complex”. 

The music video was produced by the film’s director, Yukuyasu Ishida , and consisted only of footage of “Ame wo Telleru Drifting Complex”, including the first public release. Director Ishida commented, “The movie was made while taking on the pain of the two boys and girls.

I think this song also took on that. Travel, companions, the world is merciful, so I was happy.” sent. At the same time, a “pre-release visual” drawn by character designer Akihiro Nagae was also announced. The delicate relationship between childhood friends Kosuke and Natsume, who can’t be honest, is expressed in the housing complex drifting in the ocean.

“The Drifting Housing Complex Telling Rain” is a feature animation by Studio Colorado. It depicts the mysterious adventures of Kosuke and Natsume, 6th graders who grew up in an apartment complex, during their summer vacation. Mutsumi Tamura will play the role of Kosuke, and Asami Seto will play the role of Natsume .

Source: Anime News Network


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