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Eden’s Zero Synopsis – A New Series Or A Fairy Tail Spin-Off ?

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Time for the release of weekly blog. We are back to help you catch up with the upcoming and on-going happenings in the anime world. There is just so much happening with new series, sequels and spin-offs being declared every week. It’s hard to keep track of anime news amidst our daily lives. That’s why we bring a weekly scoop of noteworthy anime information that would delight you. This time we are writing on spin-offs of Fairy Tail.

Edens Zero
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I am sure, many of you have diligently followed till its end in 2019. Some watched the first run from 2009 – 2013 and then lost track when the second run began in 2014. With the hiatus of many months we too had a hard time keeping up. The third and final run aired from 2018-2019. Fairy Tail started as a poster boy in the shonen anime genre but quickly rose to fame alongside the Big 3. With its lengthy arcs, quick paced series of battles, resemblance to prominent theme of friendship, loyalty and willpower among the Big 3 and fan-service with plethora of gorgeous and powerful female characters, it gave a promising premise of joining the elite league of Shonen anime.

Let’s admit it, the decade from 2005-2015 was one of the memorable ones for those born in 90s. With the Big 3, Detective Conan, Fairy Tail among many other short format anime which won millions of hearts, these anime left a long lasting impression on personal life of fans with plenty to rejoice. Talking about Fairy Tail, we loved the beautiful landscapes, gothic castles, female guild warriors that made fans drool, the innocent brewing romance between many couples in the show, the melodious background music and last but not least, the most charming character of the show, “Happy”. The little fairy cat can have its own anime for kids. His funny wit and camaraderie with protagonist gave us many gags and memes.

Though the series ended in 2019, it has inspired numerous spin-offs from Manga and also including a sequel named “Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest”. In this article we will be exploring the “100 Year Quest” and the new series the creator of Fairy Tail started writing around same time of 3rd run of Fairy Tail. It’s called the “Eden’s Zero”. Eden’s zero has same characters from Fairy Tail but the anime setting is completely different. We will be getting it to shortly. So, sit tight!

Fairy Tail – 100 Years Quest:-
First let’s get ready to ride the final chapter in the Fairy Tail. This has no linkage to the new series but we want the fans to feel the nostalgia of Fairy Tail characters before we see them in their new avatar. The story sets in post the death of Zeref and Acnologia. As the chapter’s title suggests, there is a hundred year old uncompleted mission, on the northern continent of Guiltina. The Fairy tail guild along with our protagonist set on completing this mission. Its soon revealed that the mission involves is to seal the Five Dragon Gods. Its a group of dragons is overwhelming to create worldwide destruction if not sealed as the time is ripe. The noteworthy characters in this arc are Touka, Elefseria and the five dragon Gods. Touka is new recruit to the guild. She is a 100 yr old witch who uses uses white magic to steal other’s magic and erase it or to control their minds. Elefseria is the founding master of Magia Dragon Earth’s first wizard guild. He is the one who has requested this mission completion from Fairy Tail guild. We will leave you with this much info as we don’t intend to reveal spoilers. Fairy Tail has entertained fans for over a decade. With spin-offs it still has steam left. But the original series deserved a worthy ending in the form of “100 Year Quest”. We are sure, after reading this blog, loyal fans would pay tribute to the series by watching the final chapter.

Synopsis of Edens Zero:-
Hiro Mashima had tweeted about starting a new series in late 2018. He had hinted that the new series would be based in the fantasy genre which would later be called the Edens zero. Since, He was working in parallel on the continuation of Fairy Tail and this new series, we can see that the character design for Edens Zero are inspired from Fairy Tail. The story setting for Edens Zero happens in a fictional universe where humans, aliens and robots co-exist. The universe is divided into smaller cosmos with the main sakura cosmos. The gadgets and technology shown in the series runs on a special power source called Ether and planets have futuristic appeal to them. The characters use the Ether as power source with the help of Ether gear(a tech developed over the ages in the show). This gear accords them with superhuman abilities. There are levels to the abilities which are achieved by pushing the ether beyond its critical point.

Shiki Granbell is a human who lives on the planet Granbell, a deserted theme park in the Sakura Cosmos. One day, Rebecca Bluegarden and her cybernetic cat Happy, visit the park. Shiki is an ether gear user and befriends Happy. Later in the story, Shiki, Rebecca and Happy set out in search for Mother, the goddess of the cosmos. In the process, Shiki finds the interstellar warship Edens Zero – Edens stands for “Ether Drive Eternal Navigation System”. This warship was previously captained by his grandfather, the mechanical Demon King Ziggy, in an expedition in search of Mother.

So, how do you feel reading the synopsis of Hiro san’s new series which is loosely based on characters from Fairy Tail. Its nostalgia wrapped in alternate fantasy story. It looks potent with rigor for developing into a strong anime as it unfolds. We expect none less from Hiro’s creation after all Fairy Tail earned a place in hall of Fame. We are sure, fans would shower love on Edens Zero too. We will be writing more as it unravels and will keep you updated on more spin-offs and upcoming series. So, stay tuned to our blog.

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