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Eien no 831 by Kenji Kamiyama Gets Theatrical Release in Japan, Premiere March 18

New anime The Eternal 831 (or Eien no 831 in Japanese) is now live on the TV channels. The anime first premiered on the WOWOW TV channel of Japan. Now, it’s going to get a theatrical release in Japan on March 18. The theaters that will screen the anime are Shinjuku Piccadilly which is in Tokyo along with other theaters. Eien no 831 theatrical release gets a special Key visual which has a tagline “Who restarted time when it stopped?”

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The director of the anime is Kamiyama at Crafter Studio. In November, He also gave his statement on the anime and said something like”socially conscious youth crime adventure story.” The story is set in Tokyo is in deep disarray due to “an unprecedented calamity.”

Furthermore, the music of the anime is composed by Gō Shiina (who is popular for his work in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba). Well, the opening theme song of the anime is done by Music Duo Angela. And the ending theme song is performed by KanoeRtana. 

The movie is special because it’s directed by one of the greatest directors of this era Kamiyama. He is known for his creations like Ghost in a Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Moribito: The Guardian of the Spirit, Ghost in a Shell: SAC_2045, and many more. 


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