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Eiichiro Oda’s message for ONE PIECE’s Chapter 1000

Eiichiro Oda creator of the world-famous manga One Piece shared a special message for fans on the occasion of One Piece Manga completing 1000 chapter. The message is below.

“1000 Chapters!!

Lots of stuff have happened during the last 23 years. At this point, I have spent half of my life working on a weekly serialization, haha!…Luffy has sailed through lots of islands and has lived many adventures. I have lost count of how many people they have met yet! But in my case, I have met many different people and have received support from countless people, including my family……I don’t have enough words to give my thanks to everyone.

“Any audience leaves after 5 years”. That’s my theory when it comes to long-term entertainment products because that same audience already has a busy life to take care of……That’s why I always keep in mind not to call my audience “fans”. I keep telling myself not to be arrogant because many of them could stop reading ONE PIECE someday……Much to my embarrassment, I have still been drawing this series the way I wanted and liked, until this very moment, always believing in the same audience who also believes in Luffy……Luffy’s adventure is approaching its closure. I have already drawn a total of 1000 chapters. We have managed to build a really exciting story thanks to all these chapters! And it’s going to get even more exciting!!…… To every ONE PIECE fan around the world, it’s been a really long road, but please, keep supporting Luffy in his adventure for just a little longer!!”.

Eiichiro Oda (Creator – One Piece)

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