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End Of Boruto ?? Find Out , How Could It Possibly End?

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2020)

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This time we have a decided to write on an off-road topic. It’s a conspiracy theory on how Boruto could possibly end, a mind twister take on the story of Boruto. Ever since the Naruto Shippudden ended in 2017, there has been no anime that has been able to topple Naruto from its position. Even Boruto that launched in a quick succession, initially garnered a lot of traction, but never matched the storyline head-to-head with Naruto. Looking at the story line that has progressed till now (2020), the character development along with story has taken a mature turn and is becoming nail bitingly interesting with otakus waiting all week for the new episode to go live. This got us excited and made us deduce what might be going through the mind of Ukyo Kodachi (Manga creator of Boruto).

End Of Boruto ?? Find Out , How Could It Possibly End?
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So here’s conspiracy theory on the lines of possible ending to Boruto:

Jigen will defeat Kashin Koji, which will lead him to rush to Naruto and Sasuke, and team up with them. After that Jigen will start destroying the Konoha just similar to Pain (that means thousands will die). But after Boruto witnessing the destruction of Konoha, he will blame it all on Kawaki, Naruto and sauke.And thus, this event unfolding will make Boruto a rogue ninja and he will  travel across ninja villages and clans.  Baring Konoha which is his hometown, Boruto is now seen as a threat by other villages and must be captured at any cost. Search teams will be sent on a mission to  bring back Boruto . And most of the times this team will be led by Sadara and/or Shikidai. Naruto and Sasuke will be too busy fighting Jigen in order to save Konoha. So they won’t get chance to get actively involve in search operation of Boruto.

Boruto will get a new master who will be lenient compared to Sasuke. He will make him realise and help awaken his new powers. It will be something similar to Sasuke’s journey.

After a time-skip, Jigen will be shown destroying village after village including Konoha. Konoha will be the last village standing in the way of JIgen. 5th ninja war will break out and thus the surviving kage will finally bring the ninja alliance together once again to defeat Jigen.

Jigen will come victorious out of this battle and take over Kawaki’s body. Boruto will be shown entering the war very late when everything has ended and will realise how everything was destroyed that he had known and loved. Kawaki (jigen) will finally come against Boruto, which will take us again back to the 1st scene of Chapter 1. Boruto will finally defeat Jigen.

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