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English Readers Rejoice: ‘The Ex-Villainess’s Daughter’ Manga Hits Manga Up

(Last Updated On: September 7, 2023)

Square Enix’s Manga UP! Global website has just unveiled the English version of Kobato Teika’s captivating manga, “The Ex-Villainess’s Unsightly Daughter: A Beady-Eyed Commoner’s Journey to the Top” (Watashi no Okaa-sama wa Tsuihō Sareta Moto Akuyaku Reijō Deshita: Heimin Busumegane no Gekokujō).

This highly-anticipated release features the initial six chapters for eager readers to delve into.

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The manga’s narrative unfolds around a young girl burdened with a secret identity, concealing her distinctive eyes and hair, which could tarnish her mother’s reputation and disrupt the kingdom’s peace. Ashley, a 15-year-old, bears a tragic family legacy.

Her mother, once a noble, was unjustly accused and exiled, subsequently falling into captivity. Ashley’s very existence is a product of this dark chapter, marked by the same eyes and hair as her mother’s captor.

Consequently, she has been compelled from a tender age to wear a magical headband and glasses that obscure her eyes, subjecting her to relentless mockery by her peers, leaving her isolated and friendless.

'The Ex-Villainess's Daughter' Manga Hits Manga Up

However, the trajectory of Ashley’s life takes a mysterious turn when she encounters a enigmatic creature, piquing the interest of the crown prince for reasons shrouded in mystery. Join us in following the poignant journey of a hapless nobleman’s daughter as she embarks on her quest for happiness.

The manga is an adaptation of Bekio’s original story, with Kobato Teika launching it on Square Enix’s Gangan Online website in 2021. Square Enix introduced the manga’s inaugural compiled volume in June 2022. Bekio initially serialized the story on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website but withdrew it after the debut of the first printed volume.

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Overlap introduced the first print volume in August 2020, featuring illustrations by Murasaki Shido, and followed up with the second volume in January 2021.


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