English Release: ‘I’m Happily Married to a Lord with the Worst Reputation’ on Manga UP

Manga UP! Global commenced the English publication of Ryo Aduchi’s “I’m Happily Married to a Lord with the Worst Reputation” on Tuesday, while also introducing “I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level” by Kisetsu Morita, Yusuke Shiba, and Benio on Monday.

“I’m Happily Married to a Lord with the Worst Reputation” follows the story of Diana, a baron’s daughter. Neglected by her parents, who showered affection on her selfish half-sister and even let her steal Diana’s fiancé, she becomes a laughingstock in high society.

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To escape this ridicule, Diana is compelled to wed the feared and ruthless Margrave Wolfgang. But as it turns out, the Margrave isn’t quite the villain rumors paint him to be.

This is a Cinderella tale of a girl, engulfed in sorrow, who ultimately discovers happiness.

Aduchi originally debuted this manga on Square Enix’s platforms, Gangan Online and Manga UP!, in August 2022.

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Square Enix released the second and final compiled volume of the series on September 12.


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