English Release of Light Novels: Too Many Losing Heroines!

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2023)

The Twitter account representing the light novel series “Make Heroine ga Ooisugiru!” by Takibi Amamori and Imigimuru made an official announcement on Tuesday, unveiling plans for an English version of the novels.

However, the post refrained from disclosing the identity of the English publisher for this highly-anticipated release.

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The novels revolve around Kazuhiko Nukumizu, an inconspicuous presence in his classroom. By chance, he becomes an inadvertent witness to Anna Yanami, a popular girl in their class, experiencing rejection from her childhood friend.

Too Many Losing Heroines!

In the aftermath, Kazuhiko engages in a conversation with Anna, where a blend of sorrow and anger leads her to disclose that her childhood friend had once pledged to marry her, albeit when they were merely four or five years old. While Kazuhiko empathizes with Anna’s plight, he can’t help but contemplate the negligible significance of such childhood promises. Unexpectedly, he finds himself encountering other girls in school who have also faced romantic disappointments.

In July 2021, Amamori debuted the inaugural volume of the novel series, published by Shogakukan’s Gagaga Bunko light novel imprint and adorned with enchanting illustrations by Imigimuru. The fifth installment of the series was subsequently released on March 17.

In April 2022, Itachi debuted a manga adaptation of the novels on Shogakukan’s Manga ONE platform. Shogakukan subsequently released the first compiled volume of the manga in October 2022.


Source | Too Many Losing Heroines! light novel series’ official Twitter account

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