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Epic Conclusion to Magic Knight of the Old Ways Manga

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2023)

In the latest October edition of Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine, the concluding two chapters of Yoshihiro Kawabata’s manga rendition of Tarō Hitsuji’s light novel series, “Magic Knight of the Old Ways” (Furuki Okite no Mahō Kishi), were unveiled on August 25.

The manga’s ultimate compiled volume, the third in the series, is scheduled for release on September 23.

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J-Novel Club is actively publishing the original novels in English and offers the following depiction of the narrative:

In an age shrouded by legends, an ancient knight, Sir Sid the Barbarian, bound his sword to Holy King Arthur.

Magic Knight of the Old Ways Manga

Renowned for his unmatched prowess and deemed the premier magical knight of his era, Sid’s actions were tainted, marring the honor of chivalry. His misdeeds, countless and reprehensible, culminated in his demise at the hands of his very own sovereign… or so the fable narrates.

Millennia have elapsed, and Sid’s timeless slumber is disrupted by Alvin, a scion of Arthur and a prince privy to Sir Sid the Lightning Knight’s reality. Upholding their age-old pact, Sid emerges from the sepulcher, collaborating with Alvin to safeguard the kingdom from imminent jeopardy, concurrently adopting the role of mentor to Alvin’s assembly of aspiring knights.

In the backdrop of concealed threats, Sid must instruct this contingent of underdogs, guiding them to rely on abilities beyond their enchanted faerie blades, resuscitating the archaic approaches of the magic knights.

Kawabata initiated the manga adaptation’s serialization in July 2021 within Monthly Comic Alive. Kadokawa introduced the second volume of the manga in November 2022.

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Tarō Hitsuji introduced the light novel series with visual augmentations by Asagi Tōsaka in December 2020. The fifth volume was dispatched in September 2022, with J-Novel Club releasing this same volume on July 6.


Source | Monthly Comic Alive October issue

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