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Eren the Southpaw Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation

Manga artist Kappi announced on Twitter that the original version of his manga Eren the Southpaw will be animated.This work is a work serialized by Kappa since 2016, and in October 2017 the remake version was distributed by Shonen Jump +.

A live -action drama was produced in October 2019.The story is a youth group drama that focuses on the two designers who work for a major advertising agency, Koichi Asakura and the two of the genius girl Ellen Yamagishi. From the two viewpoints, each suffering, setbacks, etc. are drawn.In the tweet announced by the animation, the author, Kappa, also posted a comment.

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In addition, NIFUNI, who is in charge of drawing for Shonen Jump+Left Ellen, released a commemorative illustration on his Twitter.In addition, to commemorate the animation, the original version is almost free on Amazon (up to 20 volumes). Why don’t you read this opportunity as an anime broadcasting preparation?


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