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Evangelion Anime Inspires Stage Play Next April

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2022)

On the 2nd, Tokyu and Tokyu Recreation held a pre-opening press conference for “Tokyu Kabukicho Tower,” which will open in Shinjuku, Tokyo next April, and announced collaboration measures with the anime “Evangelion.” As the opening performance of the theater “THEATER MILANO-Za” (Theater Milano Theater) that will open in the tower, “Stage Evangelion Beyond” (tentative) will be performed.

The tower is about 225 meters high, 48 floors above ground, 5 floors below ground, and 1 penthouse floor. It will be a super high-rise complex facility. Based on the concept of “creating a place to master your love”, there is a live entertainment theater “THEATER MILANO-Za” with about 900 seats that inherits the name of “Shinjuku Milano-za”, a live house “Zepp Shinjuku (TOKYO)”, The cinema complex “109 Cinemas Premium Shinjuku” is included. 

The upper floor will be the “HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU” floor. In addition, an “Evangelion” related film festival (provisional) will be held as a special project to commemorate the opening of “109 Cinemas Premium Shinjuku”, and anime series and related works will be screened all at once. 

“HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU” will open “LIFESTYLE HOTEL EVA” for a limited time. One floor of the guest room is arranged in the world of “Evangelion”, and you can enjoy original collaboration drinks and food at the restaurant. “EVANGELION KABUKICHO IMPACT” will be rolled out sequentially from April 28, 2023, and the stage opening will be in May.


Source: Anime News Network

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