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Everything About Sorcerer Clans & Their Powers | Jujutsu Kaisen

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Jujutsu Kaisen anime is on fire these days, the internet is talking about it and the recent win at Anime Awards 2020 (Anime of the Year) is just the cherry on top. But we are going to talk about the sorcerer families or clans in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. How these families really work and what is their role and influence in the world of cursed spirits and sorcery. First thing first, Sorcerer families clans of sorcerers where most members can use jujutsu. Sorcerer families are prominent figures in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, especially the three great sorcerer families, who have the most prestige and influence. The total number of these clans is unknown, about them we will talk more in detail. let’s begin!!!

Everything About Sorcerer Clans & Their Powers

Big Three Sorcerer Families

Gojo Family

Everything About Sorcerer Clans & Their Powers

The first family of the big 3 is the Gojo Family, the only known member of this family is Satoru Gojo, who is also the strongest sorcerer in the Jujutsu world and the head of the family. The Gojo family is a descendant of Sugawara no Michizane, the jujutsu legendary sorcerer from the Heian period who became one of Japan’s three major revenge minds after his death. Their main inherited technique is unlimited (Infinity ), along with the most powerful jujutsu Six Eyes. Thanks to Satoru’s skill, the Gojo family is now at the top of the jujutsu hierarchy and maintains a balance of power. This allows Satoru to act selfishly and impose his political power to save young sorcerers such as Yuji Itatori and Yuta Omitsu, contrary to the wishes of more conservative sorcerers from other families.

Zenin Family

Everything About Sorcerer Clans & Their Powers

The Zenin clan is the only clan in the series that we have seen multiple members and embodies the aristocratic status given to them as the main clan. They value-powerful cursed techniques above all else and reject their own family if they do not consider their power to be acceptable. Even Toji Zenin, a fighter as powerful as him, was rejected by them due to the lack of cursed energy and changed his name and left the clan. In fact, despite the lack of cursed energy, Toji Zenin was once the strongest individual character with his abilities.

In a similar situation, Maki Zenin left the clan to become a sorcerer and bullied them. The Zenin family is actively trying to prevent Maki from receiving a promotion as a sorcerer. Maki’s twin sister, Maizenin, was also banished to her family. Despite her skill, Mai is a girl, so unlike the men in her family, she is expected to be “perfect.”

Tohji’s son, Megumi Fushiguro, was born instead of Zenin, but was initially raised outside the clan, but the Zenin family was prepared to pay the maximum amount to reintroduce him to the clan. Megumi was born with the famous hereditary marten shadow technique of the Zenin family. Under the protection of Satoru Gojo, Megumi was brought to her clan and eventually became a student at Tokyo Jiu-Jitsu High School. Megumi claims that she has nothing to do with the Zenin family anymore.

Naobito Zenin was the current head of the Zenin family. In addition to his long-standing hatred of the Gojo family, he embodied the aforementioned ideals of the family. Naobito, at his will, left everything to his son Naoya. Naoya, like himself, embodies the problematic traditions of the major clans. Naoya, who wants to be the head of his family, openly welcomed the death of his father. However, Naoto’s will has a provision that if Satoru Gojo becomes incapacitated for some reason, Megumi will become an heir. Naoya, who was involved in the political struggle, does not hesitate to kill Megumi.

Kamo Family

Everything About Sorcerer Clans & Their Powers

The Kamo family cherishes their kinship immeasurably, but like the Zenin family, inheriting the inherited technology is a top priority. Noritoshi Kamo was born to his mistress’ mother, who was abused and unacceptable to anyone in the family. However, the Noritoshi was born by manipulating blood, a technique inherited by the family. Its overall balance and ability to be admired for being perfectly suited to blood-loving people. The patriarch’s true wife was unable to give birth to a son who inherited the technique, so Noritoshi was chosen as her heir. Noritoshi is under pressure to behave appropriately for his clan in order to protect his mother.

The Kamo family is also responsible for the greatest devastation of the Big Three Sorcerer family. Recognized as the evilest sorcerer in history, Noritoshi Kamo of the past era experimented with humans and cursed spirits, resulting in an essentially cursed womb: a painting of death. His own blood was added to the mixed DNA of the original parents of the death painting. When the numbers 1 to 3 were reincarnated, they had an innate technique that revolved around using their own blood. In particular, Choso inherits the blood manipulation itself and is easier to use than his student Noritoshi.

Other Sorcerer Families

Inumaki Family

Everything About Sorcerer Clans & Their Powers

The Inumaki family is one of many minor sorcerer clans. Although not considered a major clan, Inumaki’s inherited technique: cursed speech is respected. It is recognized by the Inumaki family’s seal, the “Circle Dots and Fangs” emblem born around the cursed speech user’s mouth.

Tomoki Inumaki was the highest grader in the second grade (before Yuta Omitsu entered the class) as a first-grader. He was allowed to undertake solo missions, and the inherited techniques were considered powerful enough to deal with in most cases. In the second year, Toge is respected by all his peers, even the Kyoto student who fears him most of the Tokyo team during the Goodwill event.

If you guys, don’t wanna read it, you can watch this awesome video on the same topic by Anime Balls Deep (Our Favorite Ani-tuber). This video also contains spoilers !!!

Rest one thing is sure that there are more sorcerer clans in Jujutsu Kaisen world, but either they are secretive like Sadatsuna Ashiya’s (Creator of Simple Domain) clan or they are very minor and less relevant to the main story of Jujutsu Kaisen. According to me, Gege Akutami will definitely give us more information on this family/clan structure and we really don’t know about the family background of Yuji Itadori, he might be also related to some sorcerer clan. Let me know your thoughts on the Jujutsu Kaisen clans in the comment section. Also, check out other jujutsu kaisen content:-

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