Exciting Anime Exhibition Hub to Debut in Ikebukuro this Oct

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2023)

Under the Japanese government’s visionary “Future Tokyo” strategy initiative, Tokyo’s vibrant Ikebukuro district is set to welcome the exciting “Anime Tokyo Station” exhibition space on October 31.

This innovative venue spans three expansive floors, housing a captivating array of exhibits and pop-up shops dedicated to beloved anime series.

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Additionally, it offers creative workshop areas and a gallery showcasing anime materials on loan from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

In a grand pre-opening spectacle, the press and luminaries from the anime industry were treated to a captivating event this past Thursday.

Anime Exhibition Hub to Debut in Ikebukuro

Renowned voice actors Kōichi Yamadera and Miina Tominaga took center stage as hosts, with the talented German pianist and YouTuber, Animenz, providing enchanting musical interludes.

The event featured inspiring speeches by prominent figures including Yuriko Koike, the Mayor of Tokyo; Miyuki Takagiwa, Toshima Ward Mayor; and Kazuko Ishikawa, President of the Association of Japanese Animations.

“Anime Tokyo Station,” as per the official government website’s description, is envisioned as a gateway for global visitors to immerse themselves in the enchanting realm of anime.

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Here, they can explore not only timeless classics but also the latest and most beloved creations in the world of Japanese animation.


Source | Press Release

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