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Famous Webtoon Solo Leveling Gets Game, Drama & Film Adaptation

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

One of the biggest hits of Korean webtoons,’ I Alone Level Up (Solo Leveling)’ is expected to be produced as a drama in the United States. In addition, a game using Solo Leveling’s intellectual property rights (IP) is also created to take over the global market.

Famous Webtoon Solo Leveling Gets Game, Drama & Film Adaptation
Solo Leveling ⓒ DUBU(REDICE STUDIO), Chugong, h-goon 2018 / D&C MEDIA

According to related industries on the 13th, the most popular Korean webtoon ‘I Alone Level Up/ Solo Leveling‘, which is owned by DNC Media and Kakao Entertainment, will be produced as a game and a drama. The game will be developed by Netmarble, and the drama will be filmed by a leading production company in the United States rather than in Korea.

In fact, DNC Media and Kakao Entertainment recently decided to use this webtoon IP to create a game with Netmarble. In addition, it produced a drama with a famous studio in the United States and negotiated to air it through a world-class online video service (OTT). It is reported that famous companies including Warner Bros. in the United States are showing interest.

Solo Leveling is a work with over 620 million domestic views with a single IP, and more than 6.6 million web novels and webtoons. It also has a record of reading up to 1.5 million people a day. It is a webtoon that is popular in Japan, North America, China, and Southeast Asia beyond Korea and plays a leading role in K-webtoon. I Alone Level Up is also viewed by 1.5 million people in Japan. In January, a petition to make Nahonre into animation was posted on the US online petition site (, and about 180,000 people participated in it within a month. In Brazil and Germany, in the first week of the book’s release, it reached number one in Amazon’s comic book sales. The webtoon is also gaining popularity in India.

Recently, as the domestic webtoon has become a platform, OSMU, which utilizes the domestic webtoon IP, is becoming more common. OSMU is a media marketing strategy that enjoys marketing ripple effects by applying stories with one subject matter to different genres. Solo Leveling is considering production as a movie as well as a drama in the future. Movies are also aiming to enter the global market through large distributors.

Source – Maeil Business News Korea


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