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Final Chapter Approaches: Team Phoenix Manga Nears its Conclusion

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2023)

In the upcoming July 12 issue of Akita Shoten’s Bessatsu Shōnen Champion magazine, the concluding chapter of Team Phoenix, a manga by Spanish artist Kenny Ruiz featuring diverse characters from Osamu Tezuka’s renowned works, will be unveiled. The announcement was made in this year’s July edition of the magazine.

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Udon Entertainment has acquired the license for the manga series. The initial volume, spanning 200 pages, is scheduled for release in November, followed by subsequent volumes every two months.

In June 2021, Ruiz (Telémaco, Dos Espadas) joined forces with Tezuka Productions to unleash their collaborative manga. Just recently, on April 7, the eagerly anticipated fourth volume of this manga hit the shelves across Japan.

Team Phoenix Manga

In the manga’s tale, an alliance of robots reigns supreme across 90% of the cosmos. Knight Sapphire, tormented by the suffering endured by non-robotic beings, resolves to forge a path towards a fresh and promising tomorrow.

Tezuka, an incredibly prolific manga artist, created a vast array of influential works that left an indelible mark on the world of manga and art. Among his notable creations are Astro Boy, Jungle Emperor Leo, Black Jack, Princess Knight, Dororo, and Phoenix, all of which continue to inspire subsequent generations in both storytelling and artistic expression. It is this remarkable contribution that earned him the revered title of “The God of Manga.” In addition to his illustrious manga career, Tezuka established Mushi Production, a renowned studio where he oversaw the adaptation of his manga into anime and the creation of original animated productions. One such significant achievement was Astro Boy, which not only became Japan’s inaugural half-hour animated series but also pioneered groundbreaking animation techniques and production methods, giving birth to the earliest aesthetics and styles of television anime.


Source | Bessatsu Shōnen Champion July issue

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