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Final Chapter of Hyaku Jū Gattai by Yorudon

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2023)

In the latest release of Saikyō Jump magazine’s October edition, Yorudon’s “Hyaku Jū Gattai” manga came to its thrilling conclusion.

This manga series embarked on its journey within the pages of Saikyō Jump magazine on January 4, marking the inaugural entry in Shueisha’s innovative “Bentame Project.”

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This endeavor, aptly named by blending “benkyō,” meaning “study” in Japanese, with “entertainment,” aimed to deliver a unique fusion of learning and amusement.

Within the pages of “Hyaku Jū Gattai,” readers were treated to epic clashes between awe-inspiring animal combinations, all while unraveling the fascinating tapestry of living creatures’ ecology.

Hyaku Jū Gattai by Yorudon

Following this promising start, Shueisha unveiled the Bentame Jump special-issue manga magazine on April 1.

This remarkable publication showcased an array of educational one-shots and serialized manga by esteemed creators, such as Boichi (known for “Dr. Stone”), Ryūhei Tamura (famed for “Beelzebub”),

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Taishi Tsutsui (renowned for “We Never Learn”), Tomohiro Hasegawa (the creator behind “Spring Weapon No. 1”), and Haruichi Furudate (acclaimed for “Haikyu!!”). The 2023 Summer issue of this magazine graced readers on July 13, with a total of three captivating editions promised for its run.


Source | Saikyō Jump October issue

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