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Final Ch of Kijima-san & Yamada-san Manga in 6th Vol

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2023)

The final chapter of Kijima-san & Yamada-san manga in the 6th volume brings a heartfelt conclusion to their journey.

As the characters grow and overcome challenges, their bond deepens, leaving readers with a sense of nostalgia and satisfaction. A delightful and memorable ending that will stay with fans for years to come.

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Kijima-san, gifted with telepathic abilities following an accident, forms an unusual partnership with Yamada-san, a woman whose lovey-dovey thoughts are the loudest. As he listens to Yamada-san’s affectionate feelings day after day, he finds himself drawn to her warm and bubbly personality.

Kijima-san & Yamada-san

However, despite being aware of each other’s emotions, he remains hesitant to make a move. This heartwarming rom-com resonates with the unspoken love between the two characters for all to revel in! SK began the manga’s journey on Twitter in 2017 and continued its serialization on the Gangan pixiv website in February 2019. The manga’s fifth volume was published by Square Enix in November 2022, marking its penultimate chapter.

Now, with bittersweet excitement, fans await the sixth and final compiled volume scheduled to ship on September 21, a fitting conclusion to this enchanting tale. Meanwhile, SK’s other manga, “Sweet & Tart Boyfriend” (Tsun Amana Kareshi), which commenced on Twitter in February 2018 and later found a home on the Gangan pixiv website in September 2018, also reached its conclusion with the release of its fourth and final volume in May 2021.

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Manga UP! Global has been instrumental in delivering SK’s creations to English readers digitally, enriching the global manga community with these captivating stories.


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