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Final Chapter Released: Archimedes no Taisen Manga by Norifusa Mita

On September 21, the highly-anticipated 378th and final chapter of Norifusa Mita’s renowned manga series, “The Great War of Archimedes,” made its debut on Kodansha’s YanMaga Web platform.

This masterpiece is set against the backdrop of 1933, a pivotal period when the Imperial Japanese Navy was formulating plans that would ultimately steer the nation towards the Pacific theater of the Second World War.

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At its core, the narrative revolves around Major Tadashi Kai, a brilliant mathematical mind, who embarks on a personal crusade to unveil the truth behind a series of financial discrepancies related to the construction of warships.

Mita originally launched this captivating manga in the pages of Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine back in November 2015. Later in the year, on July 6, it transitioned to YanMaga Web, where it continued to captivate readers.

Archimedes no Taisen Manga

The latest volume, the 35th in the series, was published by Kodansha on September 6, with the 36th eagerly anticipated to hit the shelves on October 5.

It’s worth noting that “The Great War of Archimedes” manga not only left an indelible mark on its readers but also served as the source material for a compelling live-action film, which graced Japanese screens in July 2019.

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Mita’s creative prowess doesn’t end here; he is also celebrated for his works “Investor Z” and “Dragon Zakura.”


Source | Yanmaga Web

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