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Final Chapter Released: Kaori Ozaki’s ‘Inu to Sandbag’ Manga Ends

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2023)

Inu to Sandbag, the manga by Kaori Ozaki, reached its conclusion in the September edition of Shogakukan’s Monthly Spirits magazine. The heartwarming story revolves around 34-year-old Nichiko, who returns to her deserted island hometown after a life-altering incident.

In her childhood home, all that remains is a solitary kennel, and she begins a modest existence. It is here that she encounters Chimaki, an island resident working at the local convenience store, sparking an intriguing relationship.

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The manga’s second and final compiled volume is set to release on September 12. Ozaki initially launched the series in Monthly Spirits in May 2022, with the first compiled volume published in December 2022.

Kaori Ozaki's 'Inu to Sandbag

Prior to this work, Ozaki captivated readers with The Golden Sheep (Kin no Hitsuji), which ran in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine from September 2017 to February 2019. The series spanned three volumes, all of which have been released in English by Vertical.

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Furthermore, Ozaki presented the captivating Mermaid Prince (Ningyo Ōji) manga irregularly in Shinshokan’s Wings magazine from 2014 until October 2015. A single volume was published for the series, and Kodansha USA Publishing is scheduled to release the printed version in spring 2024 under their license.


Source | Monthly Spirits September issue

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