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Final Chapter: ‘Sakura, Saku!’ by Io Sakisaka Reaches Its Peak

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2023)

In the October edition of Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine, a significant revelation emerged: Io Sakisaka’s captivating manga, “Sakura, Saku!” is gracefully approaching its climactic culmination. The imminent issue promises readers an extended treat with a generous 54-page chapter in store.

Viz Media, true to form, has secured the rights to this compelling manga and is poised to release the inaugural English volume on the auspicious date of November 14th.

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Let’s delve into the essence of Sakisaka’s creation with the following description:

When a serendipitous encounter on a train saves Saku Fujigaya from an untimely illness, an enigmatic young man becomes her unexpected savior. Yet, as swiftly as he appeared, he vanishes, leaving Saku with a debt of gratitude she yearns to repay. Inspired by this mysterious helper, Saku makes it her mission never to turn away from strangers in need of assistance.

Sakura, Saku!' by Io Sakisaka

The only trace of her savior is a note bearing the name “Ryosuke Sakura.” As fate would have it, Saku discovers a fellow student at her high school, Haruki Sakura, has an older brother named Ryosuke. She approaches Haruki with a simple request: deliver her heartfelt thank-you letter to his elusive brother. However, a perplexing question looms—why does Haruki steadfastly refuse?

Sakisaka embarked on this captivating journey when she introduced “Sakura, Saku!” in Bessatsu Margaret back in February 2021. As the tale unfolds, Shueisha has treated fans with eight compelling volumes, with the latest one gracing bookshelves on August 24th.

Notably, Sakisaka’s previous “traditional school romance” manga, “Strobe Edge,” graced the pages of Bessatsu Margaret from 2007 to 2009. The 10-volume series received a warm reception in English through Viz Media. Its influence even extended to the silver screen with a live-action film adaptation that captivated Japanese audiences in March 2015.

Sakisaka’s 13-volume gem, “Blue Spring Ride,” likewise left an indelible mark, inspiring a television anime series, an original anime DVD, and a live-action cinematic rendition in 2014. With Crunchyroll streaming the anime during its initial broadcast and Sentai Filmworks delivering it on home video, fans around the world reveled in its romantic allure.

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Viz Media continues to make the manga accessible to English-speaking audiences. Moreover, a fresh live-action series, set to premiere its first season on September 22nd with a second season already in the pipeline, is set to extend the enchantment.


Source | Bessatsu Margaret October issue

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