Fist of the North Star Assumes Control of Hokuto City in Hokkaido

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2023)

Hokkaido’s Hokuto City is joining forces with Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken) to commemorate the manga’s 40th anniversary. A series of captivating events will grace the city from August 26 to October 31.

Enthusiasts can venture to the Hokuto City Tourism Exchange Center, where Tetsuo Hara and Buronson’s manga imagery will unfold. On the center’s first floor, a statue of Kenshiro already stands as a testament to the tale. Additionally, 21 local restaurants will tantalize taste buds with curated menu items, accompanied by an exclusive card keepsake.

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For a complete immersion, tourists are encouraged to download the “Hokuto no City x Hokuto no Ken” app. This ingenious application enables visitors to engage in a digital stamp rally, rewarded with original Fist of the North Star art. The app’s augmented reality (AR) feature garnishes photos taken in Hokuto with iconic characters and frames from the saga.

Fist of the North Star Assumes

Collectors seeking one-of-a-kind treasures should not miss the chance to procure acrylic stands showcasing Fist of the North Star figures alongside Hokuto City’s cherished mascot, Zushihocky. Crowned the “most unforgettable mascot” in 2020, Zushi Hokki, resembling a quirky fusion of Sakhalin surf clam and “Fukkurinko” rice, exudes a captivating charm. Devotees can also acquire campaign-themed clear files, badges, and tea at the Hokuto City Tourism Exchange Center Annex.

Japan Airlines’ JALPAK travel agency extends an enticing Hokuto-centric tour, accompanied by cherished campaign mementos—namely, a clear file and the endearing “Yuria’s Affection Tea.”

The Fist of the North Star television series, spanning two seasons from 1984 to 1988 encompassing 152 episodes, also spawned a 1986 cinematic rendition and a 2003 original video anime (OVA). The franchise’s influence even birthed a live-action adaptation in 1995.

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Buronson and Tetsuo Hara masterfully orchestrated the original Fist of the North Star manga, serialized from 1983 to 1988 in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump magazine.


Source | Comic Natalie

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