Flying Wild Hog & Devolver Digital Confirms Shadow Warrior 3 PS 4 & Xbox One Release

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2021)

Flying Wild Hog’s latest addition to its Shadow Warrior series, Shadow Warrior 3, is already shaping up to be an appropriately violent follow-up, bringing back the franchise’s standard mix of tongue-in-cheek humor, blood-soaked violence, and hype. the top gore. Today, it was revealed that the upcoming sequel will join both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One alongside its already announced PC release, welcoming even more gamers to get caught up in the action.

The reveal was made via an action-packed gameplay trailer shown by IGN, and the post provides a brief look at Shadow Warrior 3’s Doomsday Device mission. The title card that followed the footage made the console ports official. added, reaffirming that the game will launch later this year on a date not yet specified.

As for the gameplay, it confirms that Shadow Warrior 3 will not tone down the gruesome deaths and spectacle-filled battles that emerged in its 2016 predecessor, offering 2 minutes of adrenaline-pumping action. From dueling assault rifles and slicing enemies to pieces with a katana to horribly striking the heads of an ice demon and using its innards to freeze nearby enemies, Lo Wang’s arsenal of abilities in Shadow Warrior 3 appears to be in full swing. taking combat to a higher level. A section of the trailer even shows the agile protagonist using a grappling hook to pry two miniguns out of a large enemy’s stomach, using them to take down nearby opponents.

Shadow Warrior 3 will be released later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The shooter seems to channel the chaotic combat of games like Doom and will certainly be one to watch out for for fans of violent action games. For those who missed its announcement last year, Shadow Warrior 3 brings back series protagonist Lo Wang on a new adventure. This time, the character joins his former enemy turned partner Orochi Zilla, as the pair fight an ancient dragon that they unknowingly freed from eternal confinement. It’s likely to be another wacky adventure filled with irreverent comedy, cheesy lines, and plenty of B-movie action.

Shadow Warrior 3 is just one of many releases Devolver Digital has currently scheduled for this year, with the publisher also promising Boomerang X, Essays on Empathy, Sub Rosa, Weird West, and Death’s Door. It already seems to be a busy year for the company, offering a variety of different games in a variety of genres. It’s no surprise after Devolver made waves in 2020, collaborating with Mediatonic on the global phenomenon that was Fall Guys and helping Phobia Game Studio create their popular horror experience, Carrion.


Source – Gamerant

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