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Friday Marks the End of Tsugumi Project Manga by Ippatu

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2023)

In the latest issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine, the 41st release of the year, it was revealed on Monday that the manga “Tsugumi Project” by the artist ippatu, also known as “Tora Tsugumi,” is set to conclude in the upcoming issue scheduled for release on Friday.

The manga’s impending conclusion was first hinted at in the magazine’s 32nd issue on July 10, where it was announced that the series had entered its final story arc.

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Created by Japanese artist ippatu, this manga was introduced to the French audience by the publisher Ki-oon in 2019 as an original work. Its serialization in Japan began in January 2021 within the pages of Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine.

Kodansha USA Publishing secured the rights to publish the manga in English.

 Tsugumi Project Manga by Ippatu

The manga follows the journey of a soldier named Leon, who is unjustly separated from his family and thrust into a perilous mission: to retrieve a dangerous weapon from a treacherous realm inhabited by colossal, irradiated, and mutated creatures—a land once known as Japan, two centuries in the past. Survival is not expected, and their sole lead is the weapon’s enigmatic name: Tsugumi.

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The second volume of the manga was released by Kodansha USA Publishing on August 1, and the fifth volume hit the shelves in France in December 2022.


Source: Weekly Young Magazine issue 41

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