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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Manga’s Anime Adaptation Confirmed

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2022)

It has been decided that the fantasy manga “Sousou no Free Ren” (Original: Shohito Yamada, Drawing: Abetsukasa) will be adapted into an anime. At the same time, visuals will be released, and other information such as the production studio, staff, and cast will be announced at a later date.

The work, which has been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” since April 2020, is a “sequel fantasy” depicting the aftermath of the hero who defeated the demon king, and the wizard Elf Freelon is a new story in the world after the hero’s death.

A story that unfolds a new adventure with friends. The story woven by the characters, such as the drama and lines that pierce the heart, the battles with magic and swords, and the humor that makes you laugh unintentionally, has won many readers. The “Manga Awards 2021”, and the total number of comics has exceeded 7.2 million copies.

In the released visual, the main character, Freelon, is drawn with a shining moon in the background, looking at something and holding a staff. Illuminated by the beautiful moonlight and purplish light, the somehow mysterious figure of Freelon is finished in an impressive visual. In addition, comments have arrived from the two original authors to commemorate the decision to make the anime. 


Source: Anime News Network

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