Garnet Arena: Mages of Magicary” Revealed as Cygames’ Project GAMM Title

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2023)

On Saturday, Cygames unveiled the official title for its much-anticipated “Project GAMM” game: Garnet Arena: Mages of Magicary. The initial announcement of this game dates back to May 2021, and now, the company has taken a step further by showcasing some mesmerizing concept art at the “Cygames Exhibition: Artworks” held at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo.

This long-awaited glimpse into the game’s visual world is also available on Famitsu’s website and has been offered as a preview in a Twitter post.

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Garnet Arena: Mages of Magicary promises to transport players into the enchanting realm of “Noir,” a classic fantasy universe characterized by its ever-changing weather, where mages harness the power of magic by amalgamating diverse schools of spellcasting.

The game’s English website aptly entices prospective players with the tagline “The Most Beautiful Battle in the World.”

While Cygames has yet to divulge specific details regarding the platform or release date, it has classified the game as a consumer game, signifying its intended availability for home consoles or portable gaming systems, as opposed to arcade or general-purpose mobile devices.

Steering this creative endeavor is Kenichirō Takaki, renowned for his work on titles like Senran Kagura and Kandagawa Jet Girls, serving as both director and producer. Mogumo takes on the role of character designer, breathing life into the game’s intriguing cast.

Meanwhile, the acclaimed Shiro Sagisu, known for his exceptional compositions in works like Evangelion, Bleach, and SSSS.Gridman, is responsible for crafting the game’s captivating musical score.

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Finally, Redhouse’s Kiyoshi Arai, recognized for contributions to titles like Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, leads the charge as the environment designer.


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