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Genos (ジェノス, Jenosu) is a heavyweight  deuteragonist in One Punch Man. He is a 19-year-old cyborg and a disciple of Saitama. He always aims to become more powerful and fight for justice. Under the Hero Association, Genos was given the name Demon Cyborg (鬼サイボーグ, Oni Saibōgu) and is currently a S Class Rank 14.

Genos - One-Punch Man


His face and ears look like an ordinary human being made of artificial skin material, and his eyes have black irises and he has sharp blond hair. His eyebrows are usually depicted as blonde, but in anime they are brown. He pierced his ear. Genos wears regular streetwear and sleeveless tops and hoodies so that his arms can be transformed without effort. A prominent example of his various “weapons” that he has, with different abilities and strengths, has many different weapon sets, and what he used in a sparring match with Saitama , A weapon he has equipped to fight meteors. Sometimes the arm set he uses creates a metal framing around his face, like what he used against meteor and deep sea.

Abilities and Powers

For someone of his age, Genos is definitely a powerful fighter as an important S-Class hero because he claims to have defeated countless evil beings and organizations before meeting Saitama. His youth and impulsivity sometimes beat him, and he remains much weaker than Saitama. Without his impressive growth, he could still confront dragon-level threats, but after fighting Sonic, Genos became more open to gaining an advantage using tricks. His fights with Face Ripper, Awakened Cockroach, and Garou show that he is no longer thinking about live power and is considering defensive measures. In the Virtual Genocide System’s (VGS) simulation, Genos (G4 upgrade) is shown with a 70% victory rate against the demon monsters at disaster level.

Physical Abilities

Enormous Power: Enhancing Cyborg’s physiology, Genos has incredible strength and can punch cash with enough force to break the ground with a drop kick and tear the cliff face. Also, during a brief battle with the Deep Sea King, he was able to land a punch on a creature flying over a safe shelter roof. Virtual Genocide System (VGS) simulations show that after the G4 upgrade, Genos can easily defeat the base form Mosquito Girl with one attack and hydrate Deep Sea King with two attacks.

Incredible speed and reflexes: Genos is extremely agile. He can move so fast that it looks like teleporting. He was able to catch up with Speed-o’-Sound Sonic for quite some time in their battles, both of which moved faster than the sound.

Huge endurance: He can continue to fight without major drawbacks with just one arm. During another battle, he has been shown to be able to stand up after being hit several times from the n massacre, and because his body is metal, he can hardly feel pain In addition, he is very injured and can remain conscious after using almost all the energy of the core. However, given his facial expression after contact with Deep Sea King’s acid saliva, he feels pain from direct acid corrosion of the body and in addition to this he frequently experiences physical stress Show no noticeable signs.

Cyborg Modifications

Full-body cyborg enhancements: Genos’s whole body has been replaced with combat-ready cybernetics and prostheses, delivering advanced levels of strength and speed, as well as advanced sensors and projectile attacks. All his parts are too heavy for Genos to swim, and special parts are needed for that. Even with these modifications, Genos can still eat normal food as shown when participating in a food contest with Saitama.

Core: Genos’ cyborg parts are driven by an orb labeled “Core” on the chest. Genos showed that his core could be put on the shoulder of his arm and all his energy could be thrown into his heat beam. This was probably designed by Dr. Kuseno.

Armor and replacement parts: Genos not only gains incredible durability from the armor, but also benefits from the nature of the robotic equipment itself. Genos can lose limbs and tear apart, but it can only be returned to a complete or improved state with replacement parts and repairs (the origin of the replacement parts is unknown). As a cyborg, Genos doesn’t seem to be as painful as a normal human, Genos’s durability has been hit by some powerful blows from Carnage Kabuto and one of his own powerful blasts is reflected in him He was still conscious and able to walk.

Cyborg Leg: Genos’ legs are durable design that supports high-speed operation. They have a shock absorbing mechanism that keeps the distance between landing and next movement short.

Incinerators Canons: Genos has palms in the palm of the powerful hot air. The blast from his palm was powerful enough to destroy the high-rise buildings that underpinned the evolutionary house. Later, while sparring with Saitama, Genos reveals a cannon built into the fist and weapon. Genos has also been shown to be able to reduce the power of his explosion to a warm breeze and use it to dry the dishes. During the battle with Forest King, he upgrades the cannon to include a rocket-like engine, greatly increasing destructive power and burning the entire Forest King and Forest Tribe with little effort.

Hypersensors : Genos cyborg bodies include a number of passive and active sensors that can scan the enemy environment both during active combat and while reconnaissance from a distance. However, the sensor is not perfect because it can be confused by the extreme speed of an enemy like Saitama, and its usefulness is limited by the Genos reaction time.

Search Eye: Genos can detect signs of heat and analyze speed and nearby energy levels.

Sticky Gel: A tool acquired by Genos after the fight against Sonic, dealing with enemies faster than him. The gel is very sticky and prevents fast enemies from moving, allowing Genos to defeat them.

Detachable Arms: During the fight with Garou, his hands are upgraded, easily removed from the body, armed with rocket boosters and remotely controlled by Genos. It is also armed with restraining wires to restrain the opponent. They debuted after his upgrade after the tournament. Genos can also reattach the torso to the lower body if the torso falls apart, as seen in the battle with Elder Centipede.

Arm blade: Genos’ arm is armed with a sharp razor blade. They debuted after a tournament upgrade.

Boosters : With these boosters on the shoulders and elbows, amazing acceleration and limited flight are possible. Genos can use the palm for jet propulsion in the opposite direction for quick maneuvers.

Housework Weapon: When not in battle, Genos can change to a special weapon dedicated to housework. His right hand has a built-in vegetable peeler, and you can blow a warm breeze with your palm to dry the dishes. He also commented that Genos could become the number one housekeeper.

Anti-Saitama Tactical Gear: These are a series of alternatives used by the National Superhero Registry Arc when Genos and Saitama sparring in the quarry. Unlike normal arms, these arms are black, have much larger shoulders, forearms, and fists, produce an orange glow between the metal plates, and become active when you are active. The fists and forearms of these weapons open and several cannons appear. The beam produced by the cannon is significantly larger than the normal blast and is characterized by small individual beams that circulate around the main beam. If he combines both fists, the resulting blast is large and much larger than one arm.

Arms Mode: A prototype weapon system owned by Genos. When inactive, it takes the form of a suitcase. To enable this, Genos presses the button on the handle and then throws in front of him. The suitcase is split in the middle, separated in half, revealing the “arms” inside with the container, and turned upside down to become the attachment mechanism. Genos throws his arms into a new “arm”, which adheres to him and causes a considerable discharge. When the “arms” are fully attached, the parts will rest on the shoulders and neck, and the face will be surrounded by a piece of metal. The new arm is much thicker, all black, and the shape of the palm blaster has changed. While using these arms, Genos was shown to be able to move his core to the left arm bicep and direct all of his power to a massive explosion. When used against Deep Sea King, it produces an orange glow between plates, similar to the Anti-Saitama Tactical Upgrade.

G4 upgrade: After defeating the battle robot G4, Genos replaced his parts with G4 parts to increase speed and power. This allows him to catch up with Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, one of the fastest characters in the series, and even cut off his hair. After this upgrade, the Genos arm design will change again. His hair was also fiber reinforced to withstand impact, acid and heat. In addition, he is equipped with an adhesive gel. According to Virtual Genocide System (VGS) simulations, Genos can now defeat Deep Sea King and Mosquito Girl relatively easily. However, Virtual Genocide System (VGS) simulations show that even with a G4 upgrade, Normal Carnage Kabuto can beat Genos in two attacks.


Genos is a very serious character and rarely jokes. Since becoming a disciple of Cynoma, Genos has respected and protected his “master”.

In most cases, Genos acts as a cartoon against Saitama’s ignorant whims, fighting villains using various special techniques, combat tactics, and robot upgrades (and maintaining terrible damage in the process) Until now, Saitama’s incredible power, surpassed by a single punch, makes Genos believe in the power of Saitama.

Genos’s diligence has gained a higher reputation than mentors as a disparity in power, and his superior insight is immediate as an S-class superhero within the Hero Association compared to Saitama’s C-Class designation Gave him the status of. It is enough to repair or upgrade the cyborg car body and cover Saitama’s rent regularly.

He eventually became mellow and realized that this was due to Saitama’s influence. Eventually, Saitama will respect not only his own power but also his personality. This was shown when Genos described how similar the Sweet Mask to Genos’s previous self when the Sweet Mask cruelly dispatched a group of alien prisoners. Genos slowly loses seriousness and becomes slightly interested in some trivial things such as the meaning of fun.

Surprisingly, he is rather disrespectful to those who continually suspend Saitama or always afflict him. Saitama and nothing else. This hostile behavior extends to Dr. Kusano as well as those who anger Saitama. This can be seen when Snowstorm asks Dr. Kuno to join the Snowstorm group. He calls her “bitch” and says she burns her. Genos even called Saitama when he called Dr. Kuno an old man, but Genos apologized for telling him to take a rest.

Genos seems to have some kind of pride in his abilities and himself. This is seen in his fight against the awakening cockroach. That’s when he showed a slight disappointment that he had to use glue. Nevertheless, his fights with Face Ripper, Awakened Cockroach, and Garou show that he is no longer thinking about live power and is considering defensive measures. Genos is now beginning to use tricks to gain an edge in battle, but it is usually seen when there are no other options.

Genos was also a serious person before becoming a cyborg.

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