Get Ready: Under the Oak Tree Season 3 Drops in July

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2023)

Manta Comics has announced the highly-anticipated return of Season 3 for the beloved romance series, Under the Oak Tree. Mark your calendars for July 22, as this fantasy romance extravaganza makes its grand debut on the platform. Brace yourself for a thrilling dose of drama and adventure, as new episodes will be released every Saturday.

With a staggering total of 63 episodes, including the captivating 30-episode Season 2 that concluded on February 19, 2023, fans eagerly immersed themselves in the world of Under the Oak Tree.

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To keep the excitement alive, the creators graciously treated fans with a delightful collection of mini-episodes. These charming vignettes provided a glimpse into the characters’ daily lives, starting immediately after Season 2’s conclusion and continuing for 18 episodes until April 20.

Under the Oak Tree Season 3

The webcomic adaptation of Under the Oak Tree delves into the journey of Maximilian Croyso, a timid woman plagued by a stutter. To her dismay, her father arranges her marriage to Riftan Calypse, the formidable leader of the Rendragon Knights. However, their union takes an unexpected turn when Riftan vanishes for three long years following their intimate encounter. Upon his return, Riftan bestows an abundance of affection upon Maxi. Though still harboring apprehension, Maxi embarks on a path of self-discovery fueled by Riftan’s love, gradually blossoming into a stronger individual who confronts and conquers her past traumas.

Based on Kim Suji’s webnovel and beautifully illustrated by P, Under the Oak Tree has become a sensation on the Manta platform, captivating readers and even climbing the ranks of Amazon’s Bestseller Chart. The series receives acclaim for its stunning artwork and relatable characters, while also skillfully exploring themes of disability and trauma.

Revisit the enchanting tale of Maxi and Riftan’s blossoming romance on Manta Comics, and mark your calendars for Season 3’s eagerly anticipated return on July 22. Don’t miss the special episode releasing on June 22!


Source | Manta Comics

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