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“Get Schooled” Webtoon Suspended Over Racist Content

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2023)

Popular webtoon “Get Schooled”, which has amassed a significant following since its debut on Naver Webtoon on October 29, 2020, has been halted for its controversial portrayal of racism in a recent chapter. Written by Chae Yongtaek with illustrations by Han Garam, the series has generated considerable buzz due to its unconventional take on tackling school bullies.

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Recent events have, however, overshadowed its gripping narrative. Chapter 125, set in a Korean town predominantly inhabited by non-Koreans, delves into racial tensions, hinting at racial superiority, and uses explicit racial slurs. The narrative’s depiction of a “pure” Korean character portraying himself as a victim of “reverse racism” has been critiqued for its insensitive portrayal that diminishes the actual impact and severity of racism.

Two prominent characters from this controversial chapter are Lee Muk Hyun, a Korean-Ethiopian student with a formidable presence, and Daniel Hyun, a new teacher of Korean-American descent. The chapter contains scenes wherein both characters exchange derogatory racial slurs, bringing the webtoon’s handling of racial themes under intense scrutiny.

“Get Schooled” has at its core, Hwajin Na, an unconventional educator from the Ministry of Education, known for his aggressive methods in handling notorious school bullies. While conventional punitive measures fall short, Hwajin Na’s radical techniques stand out, making him a pivotal character in the series.

The creators, Yongtaek Chae and Garam Han, recognizing the oversight, issued an apology. They clarified that while they aimed to shed light on the discrimination faced by multicultural families in South Korea, they unfortunately veered off course, using racially charged expressions for drama, which hurt many in the Webtoon community.

It remains to be seen if “Get Schooled” will see a return post this incident.


Source: @MangaMoguraRE Twitter Via Animesenpai

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