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Get Started: Stream the First 9 Minutes of Girls & Panzer das Finale Film 4

The Girls und Panzer franchise’s latest installment, the fourth film in the six-part Girls und Panzer das Finale film series, has just hit screens in Japan. As a special treat, the production team decided to treat fans by streaming the first nine minutes of the film.

Adding to the excitement, the talented ChouCho has lent her voice to the theme song “Never Say Goodbye,” a fitting accompaniment for the last trio of films in this captivating series.

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This eagerly awaited fourth film continues the gripping saga of Ooarai Girls Academy as they face off against Continuation (Jaktkosota) High School. Their journey takes a poignant turn after the loss of crucial comrades in the previous installment.

『ガールズ&パンツァー 最終章』第4話 本編冒頭映像

Furthermore, viewers are treated to a fierce showdown between two formidable institutions, Kuromorimine and St. Gloriana. Leading Kuromorimine is Maho’s successor, Erika, while St. Gloriana’s commander, Darjeeling, graces the battlefield for the final time.

The journey through the Girls und Panzer das Finale film series began in December 2017 with the debut of the first film in 59 theaters across Japan. This installment introduced audiences to fresh faces from BC Freedom High School, thrust into a chilling winter confrontation.

First 9 Minutes of Girls & Panzer das Finale Film 4

The second film, released in June 2019, reached new heights of intensity, portraying the climactic showdown between Ooarai Girls Academy and BC Freedom High School. Additionally, it delved into the battles involving Kuromorimine Girls Academy, Pravda Girls High School, and other esteemed institutions.

In March 2021, the third film graced Japanese theaters, offering an enthralling spectacle featuring six more schools competing across three distinct battlegrounds.

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The Girls und Panzer franchise, following the original Girls und Panzer television anime, received a spectacular follow-up with the anime film Girls und Panzer der Film in November 2015.


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