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“Goblin Slayer” Manga Artist Launches New “Hololive Fantasy” Manga On YouTube!

The serialization of “Holoearth Chronicles Side: E Yamato Shinsou Kaitan” written by Kousuke Kurose and Yu Kikiki, written by Cover Co., Ltd., will be uploaded on May 7th! It started with.

“Holoearth Chronicles Side: E Yamato Shinso Kaitan” is a manga drawn based on the world view of the different world creation project “Hololive Alternative” by the female VTuber group Hololive.

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In Yamato, a land where humans and kami coexist, VTuber’s Shirakami Fubuki and Ookami Mio become kami who protect mountains and villages, and the appearance of pursuing the negative thoughts of people, “Kegare”, is unfolding.

Let’s look forward to the story drawn by Kurose, who is also an avid fan of Holo Live. The 0th episode and the first half of the 1st episode were announced on the official Twitter of “Hololive Alternative”.


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