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Golgo 13 Manga Breaks Guinness World Record for Most Volumes

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2021)

The 201st volume of the graphic novel “Golgo 13” by Takao Saito (84), a graphic novelist, was published by Leed Publishing Co., Ltd. on the 5th. Osamu Akimoto (68), who holds the Guinness World Records for the “single manga series with the most published volumes,” surpassed the manga “Kameari Koenmae Hakkosho, Katsushika Ward” (Shueisha, 200 volumes in total), and is “the best in the world” Record was updated.

Golgo 13 Manga Breaks Guinness World Record for Most Volumes
© Takao Saito / Saito Production / Shogakukan

Mr. Saito commented with joy, “I noticed Volume 201, but I am just full of gratitude to the readers.” “Golgo 13” is a work depicting the activities of A-class sniper Duke Togo of unknown nationality. It has been serialized in the seinen manga magazine “Big Comic” (Shogakukan) since 1968 and has a history of more than half a century. Cumulative circulation exceeds 300 million. The subtitle of Volume 201 is “Offense and Defense of the Final Currency”, which includes stories about crypto assets (virtual currency).

In the August special issue of Big Comic released on the 16th, the first spin-off work in the history of the same work will also start.


Source – Yahoo! News Japan

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