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Goro Taniguchi’s Bloody Escape Anime Film by Polygon Pictures Drops in Jan 2024

The forthcoming original anime film, “Bloody Escape -Jigoku no Kōsōgeki-,” is set to make its highly-anticipated debut in Japan come January 2024.

The film’s tantalizing announcement video hints at an intriguing premise: “androids vs. vampires vs. yakuza.”

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This captivating narrative revolves around Kisaragi, the android protagonist, who finds himself pursued by an organization of immortal vampires, all driven by a nefarious ambition to conquer a divided Tokyo.

In the midst of this supernatural clash, the formidable yakuza step into the fray, swearing vengeance for their fallen leader.

Bloody Escape Anime Film by Polygon

Helming this cinematic spectacle is the accomplished director and writer, Goro Taniguchi, known for his work on acclaimed titles such as “Code Geass” and “One Piece Film Red.” Notably, Taniguchi is also credited with conceiving the original concept for the film.

Renowned artist Yūsuke Kozaki, celebrated for his character designs in franchises like “Fire Emblem” and “No More Heroes,” brings his creative brilliance to shape the film’s characters.

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Behind the scenes, Slow Curve takes charge of planning and producing the movie, while GAGA handles distribution duties.


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