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Graphic Novel Solo Leveling Gets TV Anime in 2023

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2022)

Solo Leveling is going to adapt into a TV Anime. After years of wait, Crunchyroll at the Anime Expo reveals Solo Leveling news, release date, trailer, and key visual. Chuong is the original, h-goon is the adaptation, and DUBU (REDUCE STUDIO) is the creator of the animation. Teaser visual, animation project ban PV and staff information have been released.

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The stage of “Solo Staging only for me” is the world where humans with special abilities called “hunters” exist, and the passage “gate” that connects another dimension and the present world. The main character, Shun Mizushino, lived as the lowest-ranked hunter. One day, a mysterious quest window appears in front of her dying wounded in a low-rank dungeon.

In the season when she decides to order the quest, she gets the ability to level up only by herself… The appearance of the season running from “weakest” to “strongest” is drawn. The anime project started in 2023. Directed by Shunsuke Nakashige, series composition by Noboru Kimura, character design by Tomoko Sudo, music by Hiroyuki Sawano, and animation production by A-1 Pictures.

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From the original author Chugong, “I’m still in a state of suspicion, so I’d like to be relieved to see the seasons moving as an animation early. I will do my best while waiting for the day to come,” DUBU (drawing) REDUCE STUDIO) also received a comment saying, “It seems like yesterday when you talked about animation, but I’m impressed that it’s being produced.”

In addition, Piccoma will hold an event to commemorate the animation. There will be a Twitter campaign where you can win the original WEBMoney card of “Solo Staging” and an increase in the number of free public stories of the same work.


Source: News Week

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