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Guwahati’s Manga Communities Flourish Amid Rising Anime Popularity

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2023)

The enchanting world of manga has been steadily captivating the hearts of residents in Guwahati, Assam, as the popularity of Japanese animation, or anime, continues to soar. Guwahati Plus recently shed light on this growing phenomenon, tracing the rising affection for Japanese comics back to the time when Animax graced Indian television screens.

The “manga craze” that ensued saw anime enthusiasts seeking to extend their animated adventures by delving into manga volumes, a trend that has since sparked a significant demand for these illustrated tales.

Guwahati’s Manga Communities Flourish Amid Rising Anime Popularity

Among the most beloved manga genres in Guwahati are shounen and shoujo. Shounen manga, tailored for boys, typically features action-packed narratives, while shoujo manga, designed for girls, often explores themes of romance and everyday life.

Some of the standout manga titles captivating Guwahati readers include Naruto, Haikyuu, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Bleach, and Spy x Family. However, the ultimate fan favorite appears to be Attack on Titan, despite the surprising absence of an official online streaming platform for the series in India.

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To satisfy their manga cravings, local enthusiasts flock to Panbazaar and Readers Hub in City Centre, with the former specializing in popular shounen manga and the latter offering a more diverse selection of titles.

The Assam Book Fair held in December 2022 further attested to the manga phenomenon, with thousands of manga copies flying off the shelves in just ten days.

The thriving manga community in Guwahati continues to expand, fostering clubs and communities like the Assam Senpai Society, where fans unite to exchange recommendations, dissect the latest chapters, and indulge in cosplay as their cherished characters. The city has also embraced screenings from the Japanese Film Festival and hosted numerous conventions, competitions, and events dedicated to this beloved hobby.


Source: IGN India

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