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Harada’s ‘One Room Angel’ Boys-Love Manga to Receive Live-Action Series”

In the world of “One Week Friends,” Shūhei Uesugi embodies the character Kōki, while the role of the angel is taken on by Kansai Johnny’s Jr. member Takuya Nishimura

The manga’s narrative revolves around Kōki, a disinterested convenience store employee, and an enigmatic self-proclaimed angel who crosses his path.

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The tale commences with an unexpected and violent encounter when Kōki is assaulted by a random assailant. In his fleeting moments, he glimpses the presence of an angel, leading him to believe he is being ushered into the afterlife.

To his astonishment, he awakens fully healed and returns home only to find the very same angel already in his midst. Learning that the angel possesses no recollection of its past and lacks the ability to take flight, Kōki’s compassion prompts him to extend shelter to this celestial stranger.

One Room Angel

The series is under the capable direction of Yuka Eda, known for her work in the live-action “Play it Cool, Guys” series, complemented by scripts penned by Aya Watatane.

Harada initially serialized this manga, a reimagining of the 2013 short story “Tomarigi” (Perch), within the pages of Shodensha’s On Blue magazine from 2017 to 2019.

A single compiled volume was published by Shodensha in 2019. Futekiya secured the rights to the manga and introduced it to English-speaking readers on Manga Planet in December 2020.

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KUMA has recently added Harada’s “Happy Crappy Life” manga to its English-language offerings, making it available to fans as of May 2. KUMA has also presented Harada’s “The Song of Yoru & Asa” manga in March 2022, along with its sequel, “The Song of Yoru & Asa Encore,” in October 2022. Denpa, too, has licensed Harada’s “Yata-Momo” manga, promising an array of captivating stories for manga enthusiasts.


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