Haruka Sakura in Wind Breaker Anime to Be Voiced by Yūma Uchida

The official Twitter account for the TV anime adaptation of Satoru Nii’s Wind Breaker manga revealed on Monday that Yūma Uchida has been chosen to take on the role of Haruka Sakura. The account also unveiled a cast introduction video for the show.

Handling the animation production is CloverWorks.

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Kodansha USA Publishing holds the license for the manga and began digital releases in English in the spring of 2022. The series is now also available in print.

The manga’s premise unfolds in a high school filled with delinquents who’ve transformed into town-saving heroes. A tenacious new student arrives at the school with a singular goal: to ascend to the zenith and claim the title of the mightiest.

This action-packed, gritty manga is sure to captivate fans of Tokyo Revengers and similar tales featuring high school delinquents.

Haruka Sakura in Wind Breaker Anime

Haruka Sakura shuns the feeble and seeks only the most formidable. He’s a recent enrollee at Furin High School, renowned for its unruly students and their fierce strength—a strength they wield to safeguard their town against all who threaten it.

Yet, Haruka has no interest in heroism or joining any collective cause; he simply craves a relentless path to supremacy.

Nii initiated the manga’s serialization on Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket app in Japanese in January 2021, with the 13th compiled volume hitting shelves on August 8.

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The manga secured the 9th spot on AnimeJapan’s 2022 roster of “Manga We Want To See Animated.”


Source | Wind Breaker anime’s Twitter account

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