Hatsune Miku Joins Fitness Boxing on Switch, Launching in Spring 2024

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2023)

On Thursday, Imagineer unveiled an exciting addition to its Fitness Boxing series, teaming up with the renowned Vocaloid sensation, Hatsune Miku, for a game titled “Fitness Boxing feat. Hatsune Miku – Miku to Issho ni Exercise” (Exercising Together with Miku).

This collaboration, slated for release on the Nintendo Switch in Japan during the spring of 2024, was accompanied by the release of a captivating teaser trailer.

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The main theme song for this venture is being crafted by the talented cosMo@Bousou-P. This thrilling project marks a partnership between Imagineer and Crypton Future Media, blending the worlds of fitness and music.

The Fitness Boxing series, renowned for its innovative use of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, invites players to engage in a rhythmic workout, combining punches and dodges under the guidance of virtual instructors.

The original game, introduced by Imagineer as the Switch’s inaugural exercise game in Japan in December 2018, has achieved remarkable success, with over 1 million copies sold globally. The franchise’s most recent installment, “Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise,” made its debut in December 2020, reaching an impressive milestone of 500,000 copies shipped or sold worldwide within a month.

Altogether, the Fitness Boxing series has amassed a staggering 2.5 million copies in sales and shipments worldwide.

Hatsune Miku Joins Fitness Boxing on Switch

Furthermore, Imagineer delighted fans by releasing “Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star,” a crossover with the iconic Fist of the North Star series, for the Switch in Japan last December, followed by a Western release on March 2nd.

The influence of the Fitness Boxing games extended beyond the gaming realm, inspiring the creation of the “Kimi to Fit Boxing” (You and Fitness Boxing) television anime series in October 2021.

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Notably, Hatsune Miku, developed by Crypton Future Media, emerged from Vocaloid technology. Her name encompasses both the software voicebank and her anthropomorphic mascot, who has captivated audiences worldwide as a virtual idol.


Sources | Imagineer’s YouTube channel4Gamer

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