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Heavenly Delusion’s Unusual Sales Raise Questions, But There’s a Silver Lining

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2023)

Heavenly Delusion, the anime series that recently released its first Blu-ray volume, has raised eyebrows among fans with the modest sales figure of just 645 copies in its debut week. While this may initially seem disappointing, it’s crucial to understand that Blu-ray sales are no longer the sole yardstick for gauging an anime’s success. Here’s why this might not be as dire as it appears:

In today’s anime landscape, streaming reigns supreme. The majority of viewers opt for online platforms, and Japan’s physical media market has been steadily shrinking. Streaming services provide a direct source of revenue for production companies, making them a significant contributor to an anime’s financial success.

Heavenly Delusion’s Unusual Sales Raise Questions, But There’s a Silver Lining

The vast number of anime series released each season means that some, like Heavenly Delusion, may struggle to capture the spotlight amidst the competition, leading to lower sales figures.

Price is another factor to consider. The Blu-ray for Heavenly Delusion is priced at ¥19,800 ($134), which is higher than many other anime releases. However, it’s worth noting that Heavenly Delusion’s first volume contains six episodes, offering more content per purchase compared to releases with only three episodes per volume.

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Heavenly Delusion faced challenges when expanding its viewership to the West. Initially announced for a global release on Disney+, it later became exclusive to Hulu in the United States. Moreover, the use of the Japanese title, Tengoku Daimakyo, on Disney+ made it difficult for Western viewers to find the series when searching for “Heavenly Delusion.”

Concerns about a potential second season remain uncertain, but the series has ample source material from Masakazu Ishiguro’s manga.

In our review of Heavenly Delusion’s premiere episode, we praised Production I.G for their evident dedication, with stunning art and lighting that made it a visual delight.

To catch Heavenly Delusion, you can stream it on Disney Plus and Hulu, ensuring fans can still enjoy this intriguing series through the convenience of online platforms.


Source: IGN India

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