Highlights of NBCUniversal Entertainment Booth at AnimeJapan 2023

At the recent AnimeJapan 2023 expo, the NBCUniversal Entertainment booth showcased 13 titles, each with its own colorful exhibit. Among the titles featured were  Rokudo s Bad Girls,   The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy,   The Great Cleric,   Tengoku-Daimakyo,   Girlfriend, Girlfriend,  and  The Duke of Death and His Maid.  

Furthermore, NBCUniversal Anime & Music announced a new animated logo at the expo, produced by Production I.G. The logo features the Universal globe with an image of the Earth. In just 24 seconds, the logo showcases the birth of life and the factors that contribute to civilization. It is both energetic and polished, sure to make its mark in future works. Keep an eye out for it!

Rokudo s Bad Girls

 Rokudo s Bad Girls  is finally hitting the screens this April, and the cast is buzzing with excitement. One of the standout features of this series is the passionate friendships on display. As viewers, we ll get to witness the powerful bonds of camaraderie that develop between the characters.

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But that s not all; there are battles too! And we all know how thrilling a good battle can be. Plus, expect to shed a few tears along the way. But what truly sets  Rokudo s Bad Girls  apart is Rokudo himself. This character possesses an extraordinary level of grit that will leave you in awe. Gen Sato s performance as Rokudo is a tour-de-force that has garnered praise from viewers of all stripes, particularly women.

The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy

Marina Inoue, Yui Ishikawa, and Aya Suzaki, along with comedian  Doichu  as the MC, graced the stage to introduce the world of the upcoming anime series. The showcase highlighted the profound world view adopted in the series and the stunning art and illustrations that bring it to life.

As the director of the series, Hiroyuki Morita, who has previously worked for Studio Ghibli, beautifully blends fantasy and science fiction, creating a world that is both enchanting and intriguing. The voice actors also shared the highlights of the series, emphasizing the passionate friendships, battles, and tears that viewers can expect.

The intense and powerful performance of Gen Sato, who plays the character Rokudo, was particularly noted and has already garnered praise from female fans. While the broadcast date for the series is yet to be announced, the showcase has left fans excited and eagerly anticipating its release.

The Great Cleric

The excitement for the upcoming anime series,  The Great Cleric , reached new heights during the special showcase featuring the voice actors of two of the main characters. Reiji Kawashima, who plays Luciel, and Tomoaki Maeno, who voices Grulga, shared the stage and their enthusiasm with the audience.

The event included video clips that showed other cast members, Akio Otsuka and Showataro Morikubo, who play Brod and Mr. Koun respectively. The audience was thrilled by the announcement of Morikubo s involvement in the series as an additional character.

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To add to the excitement, comments from the singers of the opening and ending themes, Nasuo☆ and Yuki Nakashima, were read out during the event. The audience got a glimpse of the musical talent that will accompany the thrilling adventures of Luciel and his companions.

Fans eagerly await the premiere of the series on TBS and BS11 in June. With the talented voice cast and staff behind the production, along with the hints of a profound storyline and captivating music,  The Great Cleric  is shaping up to be a must-see for all anime enthusiasts.

Tengoku Daimakyo

During the showcase, the cast of  Tengoku Daimakyo  – Sayaka Senbongi (Kiruko), Misato Fukuen (Mimihime), Shunsuke Takeuchi (Shiro), and Tomoyo Kurosawa (Kuku) – each shared their personal highlights from the series in a segment called  The Walk of the Tengoku Daimakyo .

Ms. Fukuen emphasized the uniqueness of the show, highlighting the captivating story and the mysteries surrounding its world. Mr. Takeuchi, on the other hand, focused on a more specific aspect – the cuteness of Mimihime s ears.

Ms. Kurosawa commended the depth of the characters in Takahara Academy, a paradise-like school surrounded by a wall. Meanwhile, Ms. Senpongi shared her admiration for the quality of the action scenes and the interactions between Marco and Kiruko, who live on the ruined side of Japan. Tengoku Daimakyo  can be watched every Saturday at 22:00 on Tokyo MX and other channels. The streaming rights for the show have been secured exclusively by Disney+.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Fans of the romantic comedy anime  Girlfriend, Girlfriend  can rejoice as the second season has been announced to begin its broadcast in October 2023, after the first season aired in July 2021. The production duties for the upcoming season are being handled by SynergySP, and the news was met with enthusiastic applause from attendees.

The character Shino will have an expanded role in season 2, and Rie Takahashi, who plays her, expressed her excitement for the story s development. Additionally, new characters will join the cast, such as Rika Hoshizaki s younger sister Risa, voiced by Aoi Koga.

Moreover, Junya Enoki, who plays Naoya, hinted that Risa might also fall for Naoya, causing the female cast to exclaim,  Do something about us first! . With the upcoming season promising new developments in the romantic triangle between the lead characters, fans of the show are eagerly awaiting its release in October 2023.

The Duke of Death and His Maid

The TV anime  The Duke of Death and His Maid  is set to return for its second season in July 2023. At a recent event, the new characters and their respective voice actors for the upcoming season were announced. Masaaki Mizunaka will play the head of the  Gemini  circus troupe, a character who is laid-back but trusted by his fellow troupe members, while Reina Ueda will play Amelia, a witch specializing in breaking curses.

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The opening theme,  Kimi to Review,  will continue to be sung as a duet between Bocchan and Alice, and the ending theme will be  Hoshikuzu Requiem  (Stardust Requiem). Ayumi Mano, who sings the opening theme, described it as a  really cute song  that viewers won t be able to resist humming along to. Season 2 will reportedly dive deeper into the characters and slowly reveal secrets of the curse, promising an exciting and compelling story for fans to look forward to.

Kawagoe Boys Sing

The excitement was palpable at the event featuring the upcoming anime series, as the cast took to the stage in character uniforms and showcased the first teaser music video. With 10 guests in total, the stage show was lively and extravagant, leaving the audience in awe.

One of the highlights of the event was the cast s reaction to the teaser music video, which they were seeing for the first time. Subaru Kimura, in particular, pointed out interesting details in the video that are sure to catch the attention of viewers. He also drew attention to the song featured in the video, which he found to be particularly fascinating.

The teaser music video was not the only musical element featured at the event. The chorus of characters in the anime emphasized that this work was centered around  song,  further emphasizing the importance of music to the series. Overall, the event was an exciting glimpse into what viewers can expect from the upcoming anime series. With a talented cast and a focus on music, it is sure to be a must-watch for fans of the genre.


The world of anime is expanding through new merchandise collaborations involving popular works such as  Minions  and  Star-myu , along with the anime  Opus.COLORs . In addition, a new music video from  Opus.COLORs  was unveiled, featuring perception art that left the audience questioning its meaning.

The production of the art was led by OTOIRO and involved creators from various fields. Fans can look forward to the premiere of  Opus.COLORs , a TV anime that tells the human story of a group of artful teenagers, on April 6th.

The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess

The upcoming TV anime,  The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess,  set to commence broadcasting in October 2023. The cast recently gathered to discuss the anime, and it s clear that they are all enthusiastic about the project.

One of the key aspects of the anime that stood out to the cast is its ability to mix comedy and serious themes. Manaka Iwami, one of the voice actors, described it as  getting your fill of salt and sugar at the same time.  This balance of tones will undoubtedly make for a unique viewing experience that should appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Another notable aspect of the anime is the gap between how the characters look and their true character. Miyuri Shimabukuro, another voice actor, noted this, adding that it s the same for the anime itself. This dynamic should create a sense of mystery and intrigue, encouraging viewers to keep tuning in to learn more about the characters and the world they inhabit.

Interestingly, Fairouz Ai, yet another voice actor, shared a story about reading an old version of the script during her studio audition instead of the latest one. Despite the mistake, her colleagues involved in producing the series found it amusing and laughed it off, indicating that the working environment for the project is both pleasant and supportive.

Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy  were treated to some exciting announcements at a recent event, where several cast members took the stage to discuss the show and its ongoing collaboration with Sanrio characters. Chikahiro Kobayashi, Haruka Shiraishi, Kentaro Ito, Kenyu Horiuchi, Masaaki Mizunaka, and Tomokazu Seki were all in attendance, delighting fans with their appearances and insights into the show.

One of the most exciting announcements from the event was the reveal of round 2 of the collaboration between  Golden Kamuy  and Sanrio characters. Visuals were shown off depicting a collaboration between 25 different characters, which is sure to excite fans of both franchises.

In addition to the collaboration news, the event also served as a reminder that the fourth season of  Golden Kamuy  is currently being broadcast every Monday at 11pm on Tokyo MX and other stations. Fans who can t catch the show during its regular

Whispering You a Love Song

“Whispering You a Love Song” have plenty to look forward to, as the TV anime adaptation is set to begin airing in January 2024. To get fans excited for the upcoming series, the cast selected famous scenes from the first volume of the manga to showcase its charm.

One of the most exciting aspects of the anime is the involvement of real-life vocal artists who perform the music for the band members in the show. At the event, attendees were treated to a surprise guest appearance by Kana Sasakura, who performs the vocals of Yori Asanaga, and Sui Mizukami, who performs the vocals of Izumi Shiho.

Despite their nerves, both performers wowed the crowd with their performances of the theme songs from their respective bands. Ms. Sasakura performed “Humming Love,” the theme song from SSGIRLS, while Ms. Mizukami performed “Meritocracy,” the theme song from Lorelai.

Both performers are making their screen debut in “Whispering You a Love Song,” and they hope to imbue the series with energy through music. With real-life musicians lending their talents to the show, fans can expect the music in “Whispering You a Love Song” to be a standout feature.


Source: NBC Universal via Kcrush

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