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Hindi Trailer for Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall Anime Now Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2023)

Disney+ Hotstar has released a Hindi-dubbed trailer for the popular anime series “Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall.” The show is set in the year 2062, twenty years after a failed automation project led to an attack by Artemis, an artificial intelligence, on humanity.

The ensuing war caused widespread destruction on Earth. In the aftermath, a girl named Empress is found in an underground laboratory, one of the few surviving guardians of humanity. She has no memories of her past, and must rely on a colonel from the peace-building force for information about her identity and mission to protect humanity. The show premiered on Tokyo MX in April and has been streaming on Disney+ Hotstar in India, in Japanese with English subtitles, since September.

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In the story of “Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall,” Artemis is building a space elevator that would connect the Moon to Earth. Empress is ordered to destroy the elevator before it is completed, as its completion would allow hordes of giant mechanized forces from the Moon to descend upon Earth. However, Empress faces obstacles in her mission, including Dead Master and Strength (who are supposed to be allies) as well as Artemis’s unmanned pawn forces and Smiley from the “Educational Institution” cult. With the help of the colonel and others, Empress sets out to reach the space elevator and prevent its completion.

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The anime was directed by Tensho at Bibury Animation Studio and Bibury Animation CG studio, with scripts written and overseen by Makoto Fukami and Ryō Yoshigami. Concept designs were created by Rui Tomono, Makoto Ishiwata, and Yōjo Ōta, while Masayuki Nonaka and Yō Nakagawa served as character designers and chief animation directors. The original work and character concepts were by illustrator huke. The opening theme song “ASEED” was performed by ZAQ, while the ending theme song “Before the Nightmare” was performed by Kanako Takatsuki.


Source – Disney+ Hotstar App

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