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Hiroki Ugawa’s Post-Kids Manga Reaches its Climax

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2023)

In the latest issue of Shonengahosha’s Young King Ours magazine, it was revealed that Hiroki Ugawa’s manga, “Post Kids,” is approaching its climactic conclusion. This manga, which made its debut in Young King Ours in October 2021, has been gaining momentum since its inception.

The first compiled volume of the series was published by Shonengahosha in May 2022, followed by the release of the second volume on January 30.

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“Post Kids” unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by disease and torn apart by warring city states. Within this grim landscape, individuals known as “zombies” stand out due to their unique natural immunity to the deadly illnesses that ravage society, and they are easily recognizable by their distinctive blue skin.

Hiroki Ugawa's Post-Kids

Interestingly, most of these “zombies” find employment at the Universal Postal Institution, a critical organization responsible for handling deliveries both within and beyond the city’s confines. It is within this intriguing backdrop that a rookie courier named Fumito becomes entangled in a perplexing delivery request that sets the stage for the manga’s gripping narrative.

Prior to “Post Kids,” Hiroki Ugawa left his mark with “Nekogoze,” a manga series that concluded in February 2017. “Nekogoze” initially graced the pages of manga publications in July 2014. Following this success, Ugawa embarked on a collaborative venture with author Sora Ikui, resulting in the creation of “Kuro no Sōzō Shōkanshi: Tenseisha no Hangyaku.” This manga was a three-volume series that reached its conclusion in June 2020, leaving a lasting impression on readers.

It’s also worth noting that Hiroki Ugawa has a storied history in the world of manga and anime. His 2001 work, “Asagiri no Miko” (also known as “Priestesses of the Morning Mist” or “Shrine of the Morning Mist”), was adapted into a 12-episode television anime in 2002, featuring the talents of Rie Kanda, Sayaka Ohara, Mayumi Asano, and Megumi Hayashibara.

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Tokyopop once brought the manga to North American audiences, and Media Blasters secured the rights to the anime for North American home video distribution, ultimately releasing it on Blu-ray Disc in January 2021.


Source | Young King Ours October issue

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